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Dial 112 on Mobile Phones for Emergency 911 System Calls

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Fred Wilson
Joined: 10 Dec 2014
Posts: 45
PostPosted: Tue Oct 29, 2013 06:22 pm    Post subject: Dial 112 on Mobile Phones for Emergency 911 System Calls Reply with quote

The Secrets of using a mobile phone in an emergency / accident:

Heads Up: 112 Emergency service # - Initial Phase of Implementation, November 2013.
Phone 112 from a Smart Phone instead of dialing 911, especially in poor cell coverage areas.
- It is an enhanced 911 Emergency System that automatically forwards to 911 using special high technology features built into modern cell phones. (More info in the vid below.)

Valid in 70 Countries, including Canada. (But is not fully implemented in the North America yet.)
See the first class educational video below (Which covers other European only 112 specific features like pre-registering with 112 and text-back functionality.)


Phone 112 for Emergencies:

"Mobile phones are subject to signal variations. Maximize your chances of contacting 911 Emergency Services:
112 is a Special Number programmed into every mobile phone's sim card.
If it appears you don't have a connection, the mobile phone will try to connect with other networks.
112 unblocks your cell phone's security, allowing you to access other providers cell coverage if you happen to be outside your provider's coverage area.
It will prioritize your call so it over rides a busy network. It over rides that phone security system too.
- This means that you can also dial out on someone else's password protected cell, and receive a call back from 911 on it.
It will even allow 911 to contact your pre-paid phone and vice versa if you have no credit left.

Here in Canada we dial 112, and wait ± one minute for it to connect. This is not a phone call:
- you are sending a data packet, which forwards to 911 with your:
    a) Cell Phone Number. etc etc
    b) Nearest Cell Tower Location
    c) plus or minus ??? Your Name.

I contacted the Government of Canada who confirmed this was in place in Canada.
With the permission of the RCMP, I immediately placed a 112 call, it connected within seconds and then automatically hung up.

911 immediately called back and confirmed that they received the test 112 call.

The system will be tested again in the future (a year or so) as service enhancements happen.
It will not be fully functional until the New 911 system under development is put into place.
Their IT Team is just starting to be working on it.

- this time by the RCMP who will arrange with 911 inform them that the 911 system is receiving few calls, and the RCMP will then dial 112 to retest the system.

During the callback, 911 will have a list all information expected to be received in the text packet to cross reference
what particular information put into the senders cell phone was received by 112 (911) in that data packet transmission.
Each "field" will have the field name inserted followed by the desired textual information. Examples:
(GPS location (if enabled))
    a)Name: Full legal Name
    b) Address: Address
    c) Email: Email & email address
    d) Company: Company & Name of Company
    e) Nickname: Nickname & Next of Kin
    f) Notes: Notes & Doctor's name & phone number and their Medical problems, Medication list, when certain medication(s) should be taken.

    ...etc etc until ALL fields are full. Such as:
    Passport Number
    Vehicle style, Make, Model, License Number
    Next of Kin, etc etc

Again: Your phone will automatically hang up AFTER your 112 "call" connects with 911 and has successfully sent your data packet to them.
Shortly thereafter, 911 will call you back. Again, the information they have on you includes your exact GPS location. So don't move.

The test will be run on both Android and iPhones to test each system to see if any or all turn up blank in either.
Both the RCMP aand 911 Emergency Services will have a printout of all of the field's contents to cross reference with at that time.

They will inform me or... and I will then update the information posted here.

If the 112 system is adequately implemented, the (11 Services may decide to publish this information in British Columbia Newspapers.
- (Noting which if any fields do not dump their information into the 112 text packet.)

This functionality test will determine what information gets through during this implementation phase of this system development. Such as:
[list]a) Name, (if entered into your information on the phone.)

Again, (With RCMP Permission,) I tested the Canadian System today and it works. Voice call-back only from 911 for now. It generates a 911 Response.

The European text messaging functionality is not built into 911's system... yet here.

See: http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/publications/reports/rp130705.htm

"72. The ESWG is currently working on a number of tasks, including: implementation of the wireless text messaging to 9-1-1 service; the wireless 9-1-1 in-call location update feature (rebid); ongoing evaluation of NG 9-1-1 architecture and standards; and the ongoing review of the wireless 9-1-1 location identification specifications."

In Europe, you have to pre-register for this system to work. Not in Canada as 911 does not accept txt messages yet.
After dialing 112 - in Europe Text REGISTER to the 112 reply. The the next reply text the word YES. You are now.
In Europe YOU make the call, wait one minute for it to connect... If no connection, send a text.
Text only takes a few milliseconds to get through and it will keep at it till it connects. Then carry on as above.
This increases your chances of getting through. Wait 3 minutes for the text to reply."

US and European info above at: http://www.eena.org/view/en/index.html and http://www.112.ie/ filed here as a holding place for notes.

- See also info at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/112_%28emergency_telephone_number%29

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Fred Wilson
Joined: 10 Dec 2014
Posts: 45
PostPosted: Sun Nov 03, 2013 07:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

As part of the 911 service, 112 is free, but 112 only requires minimal cell coverage to send the text data packet message with your general Location. (For now)
This is important to remember if you are in a poor cell coverage situation especially where service is not strong enough to make a voice call.
(Note that if you move after GPS Location is included in the data packet, they will only find where you were when you made your call.)

Secondly, (again) dialing 112 instead of 911 sends a data packet (using software built into all new cell phones) including:
All your personal information in your phone, including name, phone #, GPS Location and... if you have entered it in your cell:
Car type with license number;
Drivers License #,

Eventually (as quoted above) Dialing 911 will have these European features built in. For now it is a limited packet of information in the 112 data text message.

Eventually (as quoted above) the 112 system will be fully implemented so you assuredly can:
    a) text back and forth bypassing your cell's security system,
    b) stay on other service provider's cell networks (if that is all that is available) for two way communications with 911
    c) text back and forth, staying on 112, when signal strength is not good enough for voice cell calls.

Incredibly good idea. This could well be a lifesaving new service.
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