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FAI Sanctioned Events
World or Continental Championships

Preliminary Bid received by CIVL 3 Years (recommended) before event - 2 years required.

Detailed bid: Accepted by CIVL 1 year before event.

As soon as possible afterwards an invitation together with a request for a reply giving intention to enter should be circulated to all NAC’s.

The NAC shall appoint a meet Director at least six months before the event.

Nationals and all Major Competitions

By March 31st each year apply:

For event approval from:

The controlling club and;

Provincial Association.

To the HPAC Competition Committee Chairman for Sanctioning of events lasting longer than a long weekend.

60 Days Prior to Event


Apply to HPAC Competition Committee Chairman for Sanctioning of all other events;

Apply through HPAC Airspace Committee to Transport Canada at least 60 ahead of time for a:



required where spectators are invited (i.e. the Grouse meet) or:

apply for an exemption to the order if the public is not invited.

Class “F” SPECIAL USE AIRSPACE 8 may be applied for in conjunction with NOTAM application.)9

One Month Prior to Meet

Ensure site access, parking, set up, take off and landing areas are prepared and adequate.

Order the Insured Members List from the HPAC Administrator (mailed one week before the event starts)

Provide Site Form to EHS dispatch including take off, road access directions, helipad information


Organize uphill transportation for pilots and gliders.

Organize adequate XC task retrieval procedures.

Provide adequate road (including Forestry) Maps for the complete task areas for retrieval and Search and Rescue crews.

Daily Tine Planner

Obtain Meteorological report, Sources:
  • Environment Canada Weather Services
  • Regional Weather Office (see Blue Pages) Prearrange time of calls and weather details required.

To set up contracts below, Fax to 604-664-9081 (BC)

Consultation: 1-900-451-7004 (BC) $3.95 / first 3 minutes., $1.50 each additional minute.

To set up contract, Fax to 604-664-9081 (BC)

Weather Fax: 1-900-451-3007 Press. 0000 for full product catalog, 9001 for new users. $2.95 for first 2 minutes. $1.50 for each add. minute. Info Faxed back to you. Environment Canada pays the fax charge.

WeatherBoard AVIATION BBS - Up to 1/2 hour access per day. 1 Month @ $24.95/mo. 3 Months @ 19.95/mo. 6 Months @ 14/95/mo.

WeatherBoard PROFESSIONAL BBS: Setup Fee = $150.00 + $96.00/ hour.

NOTE: 1-900 Phone numbers are for BC only. Contact Environment Canada for numbers valid in your province.

Flight Service Stations

(Phone collect if necessary)

Flight Service

Advanced Weather Briefings

are free to all pilots. You may also phone 1-800-INFO_FSS across Canada. This accesses your Regional Advanced FSS Weather Office.

TV Weather Reports (US Regional stations are Best)

CBC AM/FM morning weather (good)

(Internet) Online Computer Weather Services

Weather Information

Details required:
  • General Weather
  • Severe Weather Turbulence et Orage
  • Stability Stabilité Inversions
  • Freezing Altitude Point Congilation
  • Temperature Maximum for day
  • Projected surface winds
  • Winds Aloft for AM & PM forecasts:
  • 3000’ 6000’ 9000’ 12000’
  • Type & % Cloud Cover Couverture Nuaguise, Dew Point
  • Inversions, Inversion break temperature.

Obtain any NOTAMs issued by Flight Service Station.

  • Notify Flight Service Stations of Launch and Landing Site(s), Task routes and projected take off times
  • Advise them of flights into Controlled Airspace (HAGAR exemption required by each pilot)
  • Notify the Emergency Health Service dispatch (using Non-emergency phone number of Launch and Landing site(s) and task route(s).
  • Set Task
  • Notify pilots of take off time and site for the day (use notices, recorded phone messages, word of mouth)
  • Organize drivers, provide advice on road access restrictions.
  • On launch:
    • Give Weather Briefing
    • Provide site and route briefing
    • Identify officials,
    • Identify “Line of Death” (launch access lane where no gliders are placed unless in final launch order)
    • 2nd to Last Day of Event
    • All Film to be turned in. 10
    • Develop Film negatives
    • Analyze film for correct Air Start, turn point(s) identification and landing verification (where required).

Final Day of Event

  • Choose a short task, usually race to goal.
  • Ensure the Jury has reached all final decisions, no further grievances are pending and dissolve the Jury
  • Awards Ceremony
  • At predetermined location
  • Hand out awards.
  • Thank volunteers and sponsors.

After Event

Notice of Results

Preliminary results of all meets be submitted to the HPAC competition chairman within two weeks of the competition

Complete documentation to be submitted by September 30th of the same year.

Forward individual daily results 11 and attach:

each days specific Task, weather forecast and actual weather (if different from forecast) attached.

Each days committee decisions

any grievances filed (specifying decisions)

Write thank you letters to

  • volunteers
  • sponsors, equipment providers, EHS
  • Landowners
  • Foreign competitors (inform of next years events)

Have party for volunteers, sponsors, local supporters et cetera.

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