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Last Revised: Jan 22, 2000

(Under Revision: Jan, 15 2000) was developed for use as "repeating fields" in accident databases.  This index was designed to assist the development of statistical information, independant of linguistic barriers.


Code Meaning

  • HG Class I: Hang Gliders
  • Rigid Class II:  Rigid Wings
  • PG Class III: Paragliders
  • Open  Class IV:  for aircraft that cannot meet the wind speed minima of Class 1, 2 and 3.


(Including the Length of Hospitalization or Time Lost from Work.)

Code  Meaning

  1. No Injuries or Minor - brief visit to Doctor
  2. Significant - hospitalized or work time loss less than 48 hours
  3. Temporary Disabling Injuries
  4. Permanent Partial Disabling Injuries
  5. Permanent Total Disability
  6. Fatal injuries
    ? Unknown


Code  Meaning

  1. No training or experience
  2. Self-taught or under amateur instruction
  3. During  introductory course under Certified Instruction
  4. Novice ie. SAFE PRO / PARA PRO,  Stage 2, Altitude Gliding, Orange
  5. Intermediate ie. SAFE PRO / PARA PRO,  Stage 3, Easy Soaring, Green
  6. Advanced ie. SAFE PRO / PARA PRO, Stage 4, Pilot, Blue)
  7. XC ie. SAFE PRO / PARA PRO, Stage 5, Pilot, Cross Country, Brown
    ?  Unknown


Code Meaning

  • TO - About to launch, launching, just launched
  • TOW - While under Tow, directly related to towing.
  • Flt - During flight, excluding landing manoeuvres
  • LZ - Landing manoeuvres, actually landing, just landed
  • n/a - Related accidents while not hooked into glider
  • PD -  Reserve Parachute Deployment
  • ? - Unknown

AIRCRAFT DAMAGE INDEX  * Under Revision July 2001

Code Meaning

Reportable Incidents

  1. No Damage
  2. Control Bar, Base Tube or A,B,C & Brake Lines or Harness only
  3. Minor Sail cloth only < 15 cm
  4. Minor Sail cloth combined with Control Bar, Base Tube or Lines only

Reportable Accidents

  1. Major Sail cloth damage requiring any repair > 15 cm.
  2. Flying Wire
  3. Leading Edge or Cross Bar or Keel Damage (1 unit only)
  4. Leading Edge or Cross Bar or Keel Damage (1 unit only) and any Sail and / or Control surface damages
  5. Multiple Leading Edge, Cross Bar, Keel, Sail and / or Control surface damages
  6. Aircraft a Total loss / not repairable
  7. Property Damage
    ?  Unknown
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