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current PG results and current HG results

XCanada registration

First off, it's free. Start by registering for the 2015 global XContest.

After registering for the global XContest, go to register for the XCanada contest (make sure the check-button is set to this year).

Note that these are 2 separate contests so you must register for both, otherwise when you upload your flights they may only go into the global contest and not XCanada. As well, even if you were registered for last year's contests, you have to re-register for this year.

Once you are registered, all you have to do is upload your igc files when you do a flight. There are a couple of deadlines to consider:

First off, you have to register for both contests BEFORE you can't fly and then register later (the day after or that evening, for example), and try to claim your flight retroactively. You must register BEFORE you actually do the flight (it's a system quirk). Last year we had this happen to some pilots, so in order to avoid this you should register now. Even if your XC season doesn't begin for some weeks/months yet, by registering now you can get it out of the way and then when you DO fly, you'll already be set.

You've got 14 days after the flight to submit it to the global XContest (global contest rules are outside my control). But we've gotten that extended to 30 days for XCanada submissions, to allow for pilots traveling or needing extra help/time with uploading.

Other considerations: You must be an HPAC member in good standing during the contest period, and flights must not violate any airspace. Such flights will be removed. Registered pilots and daily scores can be found on the left-side menu of the XCanada website.

Why would you enter this contest?

A couple of reasons! First off, it's a friendly way to see who's doing what for XC flights in Canada, with some lighthearted competition between pilots. For those more seriously into comps, it's also worth NTSS points as a category C comp. And finally, there's prize money from HPAC! The prize amounts depend on HPAC's budget but will be available to the top category winners as well as several random draws for all participating pilots. So even if you aren't doing big XC flights, you should still upload your flights as you may win a participant prize.

XCanada 2015

XCanada has the following sub-categories in 2015:

The contest is open now until October 31, 2015, so as soon as XC season opens up wherever you are in Canada, make sure to upload your flights!

Nicole McLearn, HPAC Competition Chair

HG Overall
HG Kingposted
PG Overall
PG Sport (EN-C and below)
PG Standard (EN-B and below)


We had an awesome XCanada contest this year, with a record 85 pilots registered and submitting flights! In 2014 we had pilots submitting flights from all over Canada: hot spots in the Fraser Valley, Pemberton, the Rocky Mountain Trench, tow roads on the Alberta and Saskatchewan prairies, the SOGA MacPat Aerodrome in Ontario, and Yamaska in Québec.

Why post your flights? First off, it's a friendly (and educational) way to see XC flights in Canada, with some lighthearted competition between pilots. For those more seriously into comps, this contest is also worth NTSS points as a category C comp. And there's prize money!

We gave out prize money for the following categories:

XCanada 2014 wins

Participation winners: Ricardo Marcolino (Yamaska QC flight), Eric Paquette (Yamaska QC flight), Graem Schmidt (Standard AB flight), and Rod Regier (MacPat Aerodrome ON flight).

Nicole McLearn, HPAC Competition Chair

HG overall 1st place: Michael Schulte
HG overall 2nd place: Dale Regehr
HG overall 3rd place: Ken Kinzie
HG kingposted 1st: Serge Lamarche

PG overall 1st place: Peter Spear
PG overall 2nd place: Andrew Berkley
PG overall 3rd place: Igor Tolsky
PG sport EN-C 1st: Peter Spear
PG standard EN-B 1st: Steven Semisch

In the HG overall category, Michael Schulte was the winner with flights in the Rocky Mountain Trench and the prairies east of Calgary, netting himself $100. 2nd place went to Dale Regehr with prairie flying in Camrose and his home in Saskatchewan ($80), and 3rd place went to Ken Kinzie with flights from the MacPat Aerodrome and Golden ($50). In the HG kingposted category the winner was Serge Lamarche (Golden) who wins $80.

In the PG overall category, Peter Spear was the winner of $100. 2nd place went to Andrew Berkley ($80), and 3rd place went to Igor Tolsky ($50). Peter Spear also won the sport (EN-C) category for an additional $80! Steven Semisch won the standard (EN-B) category for $80.

It's noteworthy that all the winning PG flights are from either Pemberton or Golden!

In addition to the category winners, we also awarded participation prizes to 4 random flights. The winners of those flights are Ricardo Marcolino (Yamaska QC flight), Eric Paquette (Yamaska QC flight), Graem Schmidt (Standard AB flight), and Rod Regier (MacPat Aerodrome ON flight). Each wins $50! So make sure to upload ALL your XC flights...who knows, you could win a participation prize next year!

Instinct Windsports especially wanted me to mention Ken Kinzie's performance this year...he was flying a topless hang glider for the first time after flying for 35 years. He did some big flights, including a 282 km open distance flight in Ontario, but his instrument stopped recording part-way through so he wasn't able to claim the flight. Somebody to watch out for next year!

Special thanks goes to HPAC for funding XCanada this year. We'd also like to thank the international XContest admin folks who set up this Canada-specific contest for us every year.


It was a very successful XCanada contest this year, with participation increasing by over 50% compared with the 2012 contest. Most flights were claimed in Alberta and BC, but a sizeable chunk of the flights came from Ontario and Québec as well, adding a whole new group of XC pilots to the mix!

• The PG results can be found at
• And the HG results can be found at

XCanada 2013 wins

Participation winners: Kai Sorge, Christian Grenier, Leslaw Lopat, and Milko Angulo.

Best XC flight in Ontario (prize sponsored by Instinct Windsports): Ken Kinzie

Nicole McLearn, HPAC Competition Chair

HG 1st place: Serge Lamarche
HG 2nd place: Michael Schulte
HG 3rd place: Ross Hunter

PG 1st place: Fred Bourgault
PG 2nd place: Al Thielmann
PG 3rd place: Andrew Berkley

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