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The HPAC/ACVL is soliciting bids for the National HG and PG Championships.

Please submit your bids to the Executive director, by mail or email before 1 Dec.

You may bid on one or both of the competitions.

The bids must, at a minimum, contain the following information:

  • Where the competition will take place and the names of the sites that will be used;
  • What type of launch will be used (foot, tow, combination);
  • The dates and duration of the competition;
  • The maximum number of pilots that can be accommodated (each national competition must accommodate a minimum of 30 pilots);
  • The requirements for camera and/or GPS;
  • The name of the Meet Director and his/her experience;
  • The type, cost and accessibility of accommodation available to pilots;
  • The entry fee for the competition; and
  • The prices that will be offered (beside the National trophies).

Any other information that can help the BoD make a determination on the value of the bid should be provided as well.

Bidders can find information on how to run a competition in the HPAC Competition Rule Book on the HPAC/ACVL Web Site. That book needs an update and should be considered more as a guideline book as opposed to a regulation book. However, most of the information is still pertinent. Bidders are encouraged to contact the HPAC/ACVL Competition Officer, to help them identify and discuss the requirements for the National Competition.

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