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Minutes of the HPAC/ACVL ADM

Hamilton, On.
April 10-11th, 2004

    Attended by:
  • Doug Keller (President)
  • Peter Darian-Varzeliotis, ON.
  • Michael Fuller, N.S. (Vice-president)
  • Gerry Grossnegger, MB
  • Michael Miller, BC (Secretary)
  • Cas Wolan, SK
  • Absent: Stephan Boost, PQ
  • Officers: John Burk, Business Manager


    In order of discussion
  • 1. - Committee Reports
  • 2. - Budget 2003-2004
  • 3. - Bank Account/Reserves
  • 4. - PRD’s Outstanding
  • 5. - New PRD
  • 6. - Sport Promotion
  • 7. - Understanding Commitment
  • 8. - Instructor Membership Incentives
  • 9. - Instructional Review
  • 10. - Tow Manual
  • 11. - Air Magazine
  • 12. - Sponsoring/Donation to Participants to International Competitions
  • 13. - Master Plan
  • 14. - ACC Invoice
  • 15. - Access of Web Content
  • 16. - Online Payment Options for members
  • 17. - Charitable Status
  • 18. - Instructor Liability Insurance/Defense Fund
  • 19. - Board Development
  • 20. - Increasing Membership/Sport Promotion
  • 21. - Awards
  • 22. - New Award- Honour non-flying contributors to the sport
  • 23. - Waiver Compliance
  • 24. - 5 Year plan
  • 25. - Fred Air Games
  • 26. - Conclusion

  • 1. - Committee Reports:

    • Minutes of last HPAC/ACVL meeting.
      By Mike Miller. Seconded-Michael Fuller. Passed unanimously.

    • Badges Committee Vincene Muller, chair. Motion to accept
      By Michael Fuller, Seconded--Mike Miller. Passed unanimously

    • Safety Committee. Fred Wilson, chair. Motion to table for revisions.
      By Peter Darian. Seconded--Michael Fuller.
      Action recommended: A clarification with regards to “… the initiation of the CIVL Safety Network projects.” Also to include current accident statistics into the report.

    • Instructors Chair Report, Jim Reich. Motion to accept.
      By Michael Fuller. Seconded-, Mike Miller. Passed unanimously

    • Web Report, Phil D’Eon chair. Motion to accept.
      By Gerry Grossnegger. Seconded--Peter Darian. Passed unanimously
      Action recommended: report has many suggestions included, which require the approval of the chairman, not the board.

    • Treasurers Report, Charles Mathieson chair. Tabled until figures finalized.
      Action: To appoint an auditor to the budget upon finalization. Gerry Grossnegger will provide someone.

    • Insurance Report, Gregg Humphreys chair. Insurance is in place at $3million for this year, increase on $1million over last year.

    • CIVL Delegate Report, Stewart Midwinter. Received after ADM.

  • 2. Budget 2003-2004

    As noted above, we tabled the budget until final figures are submitted.

    By Mike Miller. Seconded-Michael Fuller. Passed unanimously.

  • 3. Bank Account/Reserves

    Motion to insure that we maintain a surplus of $5000 per year

    Motion to invest in secure higher interest deposits, to be decided by Business Manager and approved by the board. The account is administered on line with cash being moved to and from the account by either the BM and/or the Treasurer as needed

    Action: Business Manager will look into the possibilities.

  • 4. PRD’s Outstanding

    • Accident Reports#405
    • Insurance Review#440
    • National Team Member#600
    • Competition#610

    Action: Needs to be formalize by the Business Manager. Left to him to delegate and timetable.

  • 5. New PRD

    Motion: to require mandatory provincial association membership to HPAC/ACVL.

    By Doug Keller. Not Seconded-. Motion died on the floor.

    Action: Not required due to change in the Manitoba’s association’s policy change during their general meeting.

    Note added by Gerry Grossnegger 14/04/04

    “We'd actually settled on that during our regular meeting on Oct.6 '03 (see if my firewalls let you through):
    "Use of club winches: Any pilot using club equipment must be a HPAC/ACVL/MHGA member with third party liability insurance."
    Our AGM was in March, when that rule was expanded to include our Qu'Appelle Valley footlaunch sites.”

  • 6. Sport Promotion

    Motion: To make extra copies of AIR available to clubs, schools and associations for publishing cost.

    Action: Look into providing “Paragliding” magazine available to all HPAC/ACVL members through HPAC/ACVL at a discount. Michael Fuller will co-ordinate this with “Paragliding,” the web team and the Business Manager.

    By Michael Fuller. Seconded- by Mike Miller. Passed unanimously.

  • 7. Understanding Commitment

    Paper presented by Michael Fuller on duties and commitment of all board members.

    Action: Michael Fuller to develop a Directors Handbook with Doug Keller and the Business Manager.

  • 8. Instructor Membership Incentives

    Motion: To establish a rebate system for instructors of $10 for every new student admitted to HPAC/ACVL, to a maximum of their basic school insurance fee. Rebate will be issued upon receipt of the schools annual report with the new student’s name included.

    By Gerry Grossnegger. Seconded- Cas Wolan. Passed unanimously.

  • 9. Instructional Review

    Motion: Due to the long overdue conclusion of the Instructional Review process and in the best interest of achieving this conclusion we move to solicit a new chair (or co-chairs) to the Instructor Review Committee.

    By Michael Fuller. Seconded- by Peter Darian. Passed unanimously.

  • 10. Tow Manual

    It was decided to accept Gerry Grossneggers' HPAC/ACVL Towing Procedures Manual as a work in progress to be adapted as the HPAC/ACVL manual.

    The purpose of the manual was the safety of our fellow pilots, and not a method of protecting the HPAC/ACVL from liability. I believe it was also accepted that this version was a compilation of information which, among other things, may be used as a basis of creating a tow training course, but is not a training manual in and of itself. I think we also agreed that it was better managed in our hands than being completely passed on to CIVL.

    Action: Peter Darian will work on the paraglider/hang glider tow manual with Gerry.

    Ted and Lucille de Beaudrap are the most experienced pg. tow pilots around and that they would be the ones to at least contact with regard to including pg sensibility into the manual.

  • 11. Air Magazine

    Motion: To make AIR magazine a web access only publication and stop the printed version.

    Action: with discussion it was decided that too many people still depend on the paper version.

    Further, a mixed web/paper publication would be difficult to administer.

    It was decided to add more colour and to push for more editing of articles.

    Also, Mike Miller will submit a list of suggestions to be added to the AIR magazine.

    By Mike Miller. Not Seconded-. Motion died on the floor.

  • 12. Sponsoring/Donation to Participants to International Competitions

    Motion: To set aside $5000 from the excess of each year (above the $5000 minimum surplus decided in item 3. Budget Review and Approval) for an endowment/trust fund to support our paragliding and hang gliding athletes who go to international competitions. A maximum of $20,000 will be set as the HPAC/ACVL contribution.

    Also it was noted that an endowment fund would allow the association to solicit other funds from corporate, personal and estate sources.

    The interest earned from this account/investment will be used as the sponsorship amount each year. Available upon athletes’ application.

    This money will be accessible to HPAC/ACVL if a financial crises arises.

    Action: Mike Miller will develop the PRD on this motion.

    By Michael Fuller. Seconded- by Mike Miller. Passed unanimously.

  • 13. Master Plan

    Update of the master plan created by Doug Keller.

    • Review insurance: Oct. ‘04
    • IAC Chair Appointed: May ‘04
    • IAC Committee: June/July ‘04 IAC Chair
    • HPAC/ACVL Region Review: Dec. ’04
    • Accident PRD: Dec.’04 Fred Wilson
    • Safety Policies: Dec. ’04 Fred Wilson
    • Pilot Rating System: Sept./Oct. ’04 IAC Committee
    • Review Competition Policies & Manual:Sept./Oct. ’04 Stuart Midwinter
    • Review Towing Manual: June/July ’04 Gerry Grossnegger and Peter Darian
    • ADM 2005: March ’05
    • Budget Review: Oct. ’04
    • Member Survey: Aug/Sept. ‘04-Cas Wolan and Garry Grossnegger

    I may have missed a few of the master plan timelines.

  • 14. ACC Invoice

    Motion: To pay the annual Aeroclub fee.

    We pay money to the Aeroclub to allow our pilots to be recognized overseas, to compete and to attempt to break FAI records.

    Upon looking at fees for other aviation based clubs it was decided to have Stewart Midwinter (Chair of committee) to review our expense for this privilege.

    By Peter Darian. Seconded- by Michael Fuller. Passed unanimously.

  • 15. Access of Web Content

    Motion: The web team is responsible for accepting and reviewing all content submitted before being published.

    Web content has been altered outside of specific committee chairs areas.

    By Peter Darian. Seconded- by Cas Wolan. For: 5, Against: 1. Passed

  • 16. Online Payment Options for members

    Motion: To allow members the option of renewing their HPAC/ACVL membership via the Internet payment of Paypal.

    A estimate of various costs submitted by Charles Mathieson showed that different methods vary according to the number of users. For the introduction time it was shown that Paypal would cost HPAC/ACVL the least.

    By Gerry Grossnegger. Seconded- by Michael Fuller. Passed unanimously.

  • 17. Charitable Status

    A motion to look into adding c haritable status to our Non-profit status.

    This would allow people to get tax deductions for any donations made to the club.

    Action: The Business Manager will look into the paperwork involved and possible repercussions with regard to GST and other taxes and the HPAC/ACVL constitution.

  • 18. Instructor Liability Insurance/Defense Fund

    Motion: To take any remainder of the School Insurance fee (Item 8: Instructor Membership Incentives) and redirect it towards a “Legal Defense Fund.”

    Discussion: HPAC/ACVL would like to assist any schools or individuals that are under threat of legal action by creating a “Legal Defense Fund.”

    This money will be deposited only if the school insurance fee totals remain positive after the Instructor Membership Incentives are disbursed.

    The fund will be accessible for incidents that occur after the establishment of the fund.

    Action: Mike Miller and Michael Fuller will create A PRD, due by May 10th.

    In addition the Business Manager will look further into the relationship an organization such as the HPAC/ACVL/acvl would have on a collective liability protection plan as organized by the Fed. Tourism Initiative

    By Mike Miller. Seconded- by Cas Wolan. Passed unanimously.

  • 19. Board Development

    Motion: To review and update the director’s PRD.

    Action: Michael Fuller will do the review and report back to the directors and the Business Manager.

  • 20. Increasing Membership/Sport Promotion

    We also discussed editing together our own video from member-supplied footage.

    Action: Create a national site & club guide with a clickable map. Gerry Grossnegger will create this.

    Also, See Item 6. Sport Promotion.

  • 21. Awards

    Cliff Kakish Award: For outstanding volunteer to the sport of Hang gliding/Paragliding.
    Nominees - Votes
    Jerome Daoust - 2
    HPAC/ACVL Web Team - 3

    Jamie Christensen Memorial for Long Term Achievement Award.
    Nominees - Votes
    Fred Wilson - 1
    Stuart Midwinter - 0
    Barry Bateman - 3

  • 22. New Award- Honour non-flying contributors to the sport

    Motion: To establish a new annual award to honour landowners and other non-flying contributors who aid our sport. It will be in the form of a certificate. Possibly called the “Solid Ground Landowners Award.”

    Action: Michael Fuller will create this award and submit it to the BOD.

    By Michael Fuller. Seconded- by Peter Darian. Passed unanimously.

  • 23. Waiver Compliance

    Motion: to make signing the HPAC/ACVL waiver mandatory every year.

    Legal advice has mentioned that it is not necessary to renew the HPAC/ACVL waiver annually. But it is recommended.

    Action: With the new Internet renewal of membership, a change to the renewal form will include a box with the words “I have signed the HPAC/ACVL waiver agreement and continue to abide by it in its entirety.”

    This will be enacted after checking with HPAC/ACVL’s legal adviser.

  • 24. 5 Year plan

    It is advisable to create a 5 year plan to give the HPAC/ACVL BOD a direction and set of goals.

    Ideas will be submitted and a plan will be created to help steer the BOD and HPAC/ACVL.

  • 25. - World Air Games

    Motion: To create a World Air Games.

    Action: Tabled until Fred Wilson supplies more information.

  • 26. - Conclusion

    Motion: To conclude the 2004 ADM of HPAC/ACVL.

    By Mike Miller. Seconded- by Cas Wolan. Passed unanimously.

    I think we should include the last minutes into our committee reports and show that we accepted the last minutes.
    The final version should also include a separate addition of all the reports and tables mentioned in the agenda.
    Mike Miller
    Secretary HPAC/ACVL BOD

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