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Annual Directors Meeting - 2006
Mont Ste. Anne, QC
April 29-30

Meeting Place –Chateau Mont Ste. Anne, Etes meeting room.

AGENDA Saturday April 29

  • 1.0830 Convene meeting
    • a.Introduction
    • b.Establish Time Line
    • c.Additions/ deletions from Agenda
    • d.Minutes of the last meeting
    • e.Business arising from the minutes
    • f.Presidents report Michael Fuller and discussion
    • g.Break
    • h.Business managers report Troy Whitmore (Troy Whitmore (BM)) (Troy Whitmore (BM)) Whitmore. and discussion
    • i.Presentation of Year End actuals - Charles Mathiason
  • LUNCH 1200- 1300
  • 1.1300 the 06/07 Operating Budget - Discussion of Budget and approval
  • 2.1530 Air Editor report - discussion
  • 3.1600 Safety report
  • 4.1800 End of Session
  • 1810 Dinner and relief

AGENDA Sunday April 30

  • 1.0900 Reports and discussion
    • a. CIVL - submitted by Stewart Midwinter
    • b. Badges - submitted by Vincene Muller
    • c. Competition - submitted by Doug Keller
    • d. Insurance - submitted by Gregg Humphries
    • e. Transport Canada Liason - submitted by Andre Nadeau
    • f. IAC Chairmans report Peter Darien-Varzeiotis and discussion
    • g. Diciplinary
  • 2.1030 Web Team report – submitted by Judith Newman presented by Gerry Grossnegger
  • 3.1100 Awards
    • i. Solid Ground
    • ii. Jamie Christensen
    • iii. Cliff Kakish
    • iv. Performance awards in HG and PG - recommendation of comp chair Bernard Winkleman
  • 4.1200 LUNCH This may be “lunch in” depending on the press of business and the time available
  • 5.1300 Board Development
  • 6.1430 New Business
    • (1) appointment of auditors
    • (2) ADM 2007
    • (3) Instructor defence Fund Prd
    • (4) IAC Committee Chair
    • (5) Marketing
    • (6) National Site Development
    • (7) BCHPA proposal
    • (8) Additional Funds to Endowment Fund for Competition.
    • (9) Conflict Resolution – Mike Miller
    • (10) Election of Executive Officers for 2006-07
  • 7.1700 Adjournment of Meeting


08:45 Convene meeting

Michael Fuller
Michael Fullers opening remarks, request for new business.

09:00 Review of 2005 minutes from Meeting in Nova Scotia

Presented by Mike Miller
Call for nominations for provincial representatives for: Manitoba, Quebec and Alberta by Sept. 1st, 2006.
Master Plan

  • Action - Need to automate deadlines with universal BOD input
    - Gerry Grossnegger and Charles will implement.
    Instructor Ratings
    Conflict Resolution
    Minutes of 2006 meeting completed by end of May
    Document of Expenses PRD needed.
  • AGM before end of June- 90 days after end of fiscal year.

09:40 Annual Presidents Report for 2006

Presented by Michael Fuller
Non-crises year

  • Competitor Endowment Fund
  • IAC Chair-Rating review, Instructional standards
  • Administration is all under one roof with AQVL/HPAC
  • Insurance maintained and improved
  • New Competition Rule book created
  • New Business Manager appointed
  • New, highly qualified Safety officer appointed
  • Site Preservation committee established
  • PayPal fully implemented
  • No marketing plan - need demographic data, support for schools
  • Instructor defense fund PRD
  • Rating review incomplete.
    To Do
  • Marketing
  • New IAC Chair
  • National Instructional Standard
  • Develop Site Preservation Committee
  • Install a new IAC Chair
  • Administration-Thanks very much for a job well done to John
  • Michael Fuller Fuller is stepping down as President-thanks to: Gerry Grossnegger, John, Charles, Judith Newman, Doug Keller

10:30 Business Managers Report

Presented by Troy Whitmore (BM)
Submitted by John Burk

  • Needed hardware?
  • Possible to sign HPAC waiver by computer?
  • 800 number or Skype-in?
  • Posted new addresses
  • Quebec translation
  • Change of addresses and names on all forms
  • All BOD change to OPEN Office program
  • Look into official government translation service-Troy Whitmore (BM)
  • Action -Price for translation, especially IAC –Jacques Blanchet

11:15 Budget clarifications for year end presentation

Submitted by Charles Matheson

  • FAI Sporting licenses
    • Vincene Muller takes care of all licenses now
    • Should Troy Whitmore (BM) take care of it?
    • Ask Vincene if she wants to continue to administrate this
  • Endowment Fund-track interest-invest in higher income vehicle-invest 5% +$5000
  • Separate Defense and Endowment Fund into individual GIC’s or other income vehicles
  • Make payments to all Provincial regions annually on January 5.
  • Quebec possibly bi-monthly to allow publishing of Sur-Vol
  • HOLC account shows differences
  • Schools paying insurance
  • Family memberships
  • Paraglider magazine subscriptions
  • Translation costs-Presently a HPAC member provides services in exchange for HPAC credit. Needs to be tracked by Troy Whitmore (BM)

MOTION 1 - To accept Balance Sheet with Amendment + 5% of $10 000 of Endowment Fund
Moved by: Mike Miller
Seconded: Gerry Grossnegger
Vote: unanimous
Result: Passed

MOTION 2 - To accept Operating Budget for 2006-2007
Moved: Kevin Thompson
Seconded: Cas Wolan
Vote: unanimous
Result: Passed

? Action - Investment beyond GIC- 3 people with signing authority-President, treasurer,
Troy Whitmore (BM)

  • General Funds into GIC
  • Defense fund into GIC
  • Endowment fund into higher interest vehicle

16:00 Air Editor Report

Submitted by James Keller -accepted

  • Exchange articles with Sur-Vol. Translate one article per issue into/ from French
  • AIR must be out in June for announcement of AGM, provincial representative elections
  • Seek advertising sources out of flying community
  • Demographics need to be defined
  • Do we want a regular correspondent
  • Present AIR free to Landowners
  • Other Surplus AIR to libraries

MOTION 3 - Give AIR free to Landowners, administered by Provincial Representatives Annual review of mailing list
Vote: Unanimous
Result: Passed

Increase revenue to allow to start paying for articles

• Provincial Reps. will submit names by June 30

MOTION 4 - AIR Editor awards free HPAC membership for Editors Choice of best submitted article of Year
Moved: Kevin Thompson
Seconded: Jacques Blanchet
Vote: 6 for, 1 decline
Result: Passed

MOTION 5 - Editors award for Survol awarding free HPAC membership
Moved: Jacques Blanchet
Seconded: Gerry Grossnegger
Vote: Unanimous
Result: Passed

16:00 Safety

  • Process for Fatality investigation
  • Development of Safety Committee-deal with: what, how,
  • Reports to BOD
  • PRD for committee needed
• Action -Anonymous on line accident reporting- Gerry Grossnegger

16:45 Merchandising

    Positives of a Merchandising Program
  • + Fund Raising
  • +Group co-hesionising
  • +Advertisingising
  • +Awareness of HPAC/AQVL
    Negatives of a merchandising program
  • -Long payback on stock
  • -Overstock losses
  • -unhappy membership spending their money
  • -Cost

? Action - Use CAFÉ PRESS for merchandising products - Gerry Grossnegger

  • Do a test run
  • Time line by end of May
  • 5-6 ideas submitted to BOD and/or membership (possible AGM topic)
  • SPAM membership for ideas
  • Troy Whitmore (BM) to research ideas
  • Possibly stickers to members
  • Must be bilingual or with language options Sunday April 30

09:20 Reports Badges Submitted by Vincene Muller


09:30 Competition Submitted by Doug Keller


  • need to automate the competition points system in data base
  • Review of Rulebook
  • Get rulebook on line, translated
• Domagoj Juretic will look into translation costs

09:35 Insurance Submitted by Gregg Humphreys


  • Looking at improved market, thus lower rate this year
  • Look into re-instituting US coverage
  • Need to follow-up on Insurance committee reappointment
• Ask Gregg to interview applicant: Brad Shank, member #3409
Brad A. Shank, CIP3409
Aviation Specialty Group3409
Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc.3409
Direct Line 604-443-2498 ext.3409
Fax 604-443-3342 ext.3409

09:40 Transport Canada Liason

Submitted by Andre Nadeau - accepted

  • Need to clarify HAGAR validity
  • Transport Canada (TC) will stop giving HAGAR exams
  • Problem with members submitting false HAGAR
• Troy Whitmore (BM) will verify HAGAR numbers with TC
• verify medical certificate requirement
• will require copy of HAGAR certificate as proof

10:25 - IAC Report


10:25 - Disciplinary

tabled for new business

10:30 Web Team Report

Submitted by Judith Newman - accepted

  • Change hosting to Gerry Grossnegger and save money, give BOD access to data
  • Check addresses on all forms for currency
  • Access to regional e-mails for clubs/provincial associations
  • Charge $18 for AIR/SURVOL, needs AQVL approval
  • Synchronize HOLC payment with OLC
  • Set up a phphh community talk page instead of the Yahoo page
  • Action - Gerry Grossnegger set up web for regional access to web addresses
  • Action - Gerry Grossnegger Make one page access for membership with all functions

11:30 IAC Committee

Submitted by Peter Darien-Varzeiotis

  • appoint new IAC chair-Eric Olivier proposed
  • create new committee
    • west-Mike Miller
    • Quebec-Jacques Blanchet
    • central-Gerry Grossnegger
    • east-Michael Fuller
  • time line-ratings ready for Sept.30

Motion 6 - Appoint Eric Olivier to chair of IAC
Moved: Jacques Blanchet
Seconded: Mike Miller
Vote: Unanimous
Result: Passed

- Thank Peter Darien-Varzeiotis for a job well done

13:50 Legal Committee

Submitted by Mark Kowalsky - accepted
-Waiver law questions

14:00 Instructor Defense Fund PRD

Submitted by Mike Miller

  • Need to contact legal committee about ramifications
  • Require evidence of a bill or invoice for access to monies
  • School insurance pays for fund with HPAC topping up to $5000 until target $30,000 met.
  • Will be allowed to grow beyond $30,000 by interest accumulation.
  • Ability of HPAC to deny request or demand repayment in event of gross negligence
  • To be completed by May 30/06

14:30 Awards

    Solid Ground Award
  • tabled for 1 month to await submissions
    Jamie Christensen Award
  • Nominee (Votes)
  • Fred Wilson (1)
  • Barry Morwick (2)
  • Rene Marion (4)
    Cliff Kakish Award
  • Nominee (Votes)
  • John McIsaac & Cathy Ann-Davidson (7)

  • Armand Accioni (0)

Motion 7 - Provide $100 for award plaques for Jamie/Cliff awards
Moved: Kevin Thompson
Seconded: Jacques Blanchet
Vote: Unanimous
Result: Passed

15:30 - Auditors

  • retain Evalyn Carruthers as auditor
  • will be for AGM

15:40 - ADM 2007

  • Pemberton BC and Winnipeg Man offered
  • Expand meeting to 3 days
  • Early in April.

Motion 8 - To hold the 2007 Adm in BC
Moved: Mike Miller
Seconded: Kevin Thompson
Vote: 4 for, 2 against
Result: Passed

16:00 Marketing

Presented by Troy Whitmore (BM)

    Goals for marketing
  • create ownership
  • create growth
  • merchandising
  • demographics
  • communication
  • assistance from National Sporting Organization, Tourism boards
  • Celebrate heroes
  • Cover events, ie. Nationals, Lumby Days, Miles for a Cure etc..
  • Promote schools=more members
  • Merchandise

16:50 Site Preservation

Submitted by Phil D eon

  • PRD not ready
  • needs to consider national committee membership to lend credibility
  • Possible new chair Rob Samplonius, Margit Nance
  • Domagoj Juretic can address marketing assistance if needed

17:00 BCHPA Request

Submitted by Margit Nance BCHPA

  • Full access for HPAC
  • Needs more input from local people-Peter Bowle-Evans
  • Legal options
  • Is it applicable country-wide
  • Does it meet Federal Impact Assessment guidelines?
  • Can HPAC afford $7000
  • Can the scope of the study be broadened to cover the rest of the country

Motion 8 - To support the BCHPA to $4000, $2500 from general and $1500 from marketing
Moved: Gerry Grossnegger
Seconded: Mike Miller
Vote: 4 for, 1 against
Result: Passed

18:00 Develop policy for special needs

Domagoj Juretic committees-Look at under IAC, Safety committees -Deferred

18:20 Conflict Resolution

Submitted by Mike Miller

  • Post to all directors
  • Have legal committee look it over

Motion 9 - Appoint Gerry Grossnegger president, Mike Miller vice-president, Domagoj Juretic secretary
Moved: Kevin Thompson
Seconded: Cas Wolan
Vote: Unanimous
Result: Passed

18:40 Meeting Adjourned

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