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HPAC Annual Directors' Meeting
Bromont, PQ
May 3-May 6, 2013

Domagog Juretic, HPAC President and Québec Director
Bruce Busby, HPAC Vice President and Alberta Director
Gilles Normandeau, HPAC Secretary and Manitoba Director
Blake Daley, Maritimes Director
Nick Jones, Ontario Director (incoming)
Steven Younger, Ontario Director (outgoing)
Dave Merrick, BC Director
Tim Parker, HPAC Treasurer
Margit Nance, HPAC Executive Director
Loren White, Saskatchewan Director


  • The motion to create a new Director position for Yukon Territory was unanimously approved; this constitutes a change to PRD-200-1, Section 1A. An invitation to go out to AYPH, the Yukon Association.

Instructional Standards Review

  • The Instructional Standards Review which had been undertaken by HPAC-Certified Senior Instructors over the winter 2012-2013 was discussed. The first-ever face-to-face National working meeting of HPAC Senior Instructors, which took place in Vancouver in November 2012, was assessed as a major success. The Board unanimously decided:
    1. to formalize the work of the Senior Instructors under the name of Council of Senior Instructors (CSI), replacing the earlier IAC (Instructional Advisory Council);
    2. to mandate the CSI to monitor, oversee and recommend changes to HPAC instructional standards to the Board of Directors on an ongoing basis;
    3. to update the Pilot Ratings system and exams (SOP 410-3), in accordance with the changes recommended by CSI from its 2012 meeting;
    4. to amend SOP 420-4 regarding the qualifications required for application to become Senior Instructor;
    5. to mandate CSI to review the Instructional Certification and Tandem Endorsement programs (SOP 420-4 and SOP 430-2) as the next CSI project;
    6. to research the potential need for, or viability of, a mandatory syllabus for instructing new instructors;
    7. to review the viability of a national Pilot Passport which each pilot would carry to indicate skills they had mastered;
    8. to explore the viability of an online-ratings registration system that would be auditable to insure accuracy;
    9. to study the potential for an HPAC accreditation program for schools.

Communications and Member Relations

  • The Board reviewed the status of the new Website with a former Board member by speaker phone. Development and delivery to HPAC by the web development contractor had stalled in 2011 and HPAC had filed a legal claim against the developer in BC Small Claims Court.
  • The Board voted to disallow membership renewal to the pilot, who was also the principal in the web development company, against which HPAC had made a claim until such time as the claim has been resolved to the satisfaction of HPAC.
  • It was decided for the Executive Director to continue working on the present HPAC site with the Webteam by updating the front end-information portion of the site, with the back-end data portion of the site to be reviewed in 2014.
  • The Board approved the design of a new Newsletter format that would be phased in to bridge the gap between the no-longer published Air and the new website.
  • Outreach to sister organizations was reviewed, including Aero Club of Canada (Nick Jones reported after representing HPAC at the Aero Club meeting, and was named the formal HPAC liaison with Aero Club), FAI (Nicole McLearn, HPAC Competition Chair, was named as HPAC's liaison to FAI, with Stewart Midwinter as alternate), and sister organizations such as USHPA, HGFA, and others (report by Margit Nance, Executive Director).
  • Media Relations, particularly around the accident events in 2012, were reviewed by Bruce Busby, HPAC Vice President and primary media contact for HPAC.
  • The topic of potentially trademarking the HPAC name and logo was presented by Nick Jones and discussed.


  • Suzanne Francoeur (in person) and George Martin (by speakerphone), HPAC's Safety Co-Chairs, presented their plans for fostering a strong Safety Culture within HPAC's membership and schools.
    They included an updating of the Safety page on the website, development and dissemination of safety materials to clubs, schools and new members, and the development of high profile safety components in the instruction of new pilots.
  • The safety Co-Chairs also presented the need for a Risk Assessment process and for new strategies for getting greater compliance in accident reporting.
  • The Board moved to develop an on-line accident reporting system.

Disciplinary Issues

  • In accordance with SOP 320-1, the Board reviewed three disciplinary issues involving one tandem pilot whose certification had been suspended for a minimum of one year, another pilot who was instructing and conducting tandems while expired as an instructor/tandem pilot, and an expelled member who was continuing to fly at sites that required HPAC membership.

Executive Director Report

  • Extensive overview of the work of the Office 2012-2013 was presented: items included the changing nature of member questions and requests to the Office, Accident-related media relations and coordination, support to forensic investigator on 2012 accident, member relations and support related to fatalities 2012, work with webteam on updating forms on, preliminary work on mobile website with Webteam, landowner relations and support to clubs and schools related to insurance, annual reporting to insurer, planning and coordination of Senior Instructor Working meeting in Vancouver November 2012, developing of new materials for HPAC, e.g. new Newsletter, coordination and drafting of materials related to a legal claim and disciplinary action, as directed by the Board and Parks Canada ongoing negotiations and meetings.
  • Presentation of preliminary Strategic Plan to Board of Directors.
  • The Board moved to amend SOP 250-1 (Executive Director) regarding the reporting of HPAC sub-contractors to the E.D.


  • HPAC Competition Chair Nicole McLearn's Proposal for increased funding for regional sanctioned events and national competitions was approved.

Annual Awards

  • The Board approved nominations for the various annual awards and for the development of new awards and a system for award notification.

Treasurer's Report

  • The Financial statements for the fiscal year 2012-2013 were approved by the Board;
  • The 2013-2014 budget as proposed by the Treasurer was approved by the Board;
  • The Choice of Auditors proposed by the Treasurer was approved by the Board.

Board of Director Eelections and Appointment of Treasurer 2013-2014

  • Domagog Juretic was re-elected as President
  • Bruce Busby was re-elected as Vice President
  • Gilles Normandeau was re-elected as Secretary
  • Tim Parker was reappointed as Treasurer
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