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Minutes of Meeting
February 23-24, 2002

Board Members Present at the Meeting:
Peter Bowle-Evans (President, BC)
Doug Keller (AB)
Cas Wolan (SK)
Phil D'Eon (ON)
Steven Boost (PQ)
Judith Newman (Atlantic)
Absent: Tony McGowan (MB)

Andre Nadeau (Business Manager)
Garth Henderson (Treasurer)
Fred Wilson (Safety)

BJ McCaskill (MB)
John Rempel (MB)
Dean Lutz (MB)
Martin Paskewitz (MB)
Chris Muller (AB)
John Jensen (AB)
Bruce Busby (AB)
Randy Parkin (AB)
Dave Corbin (AB)

February 23-24, 2002

Motion to elect asVice-President
- Doug Keller
Proposed by: Peter Bowle-Evans
Seconded by: Judith Newman
For: 5

Motion to elect as Secretary
- Judith Newman
Proposed by: Peter Bowle-Evans
Seconded by: Phil D'Eon
For: 5

Motion to revise fees

Full Member (all regions except Quebec) $90
Full Member Quebec: $72
Family Member $72
Temporary Member (foreign, 3 months) $25
AIR only (except Quebec members) $30
AIR (Quebec members) $18
Rating Fee $10
School Insurance Fee $135 (to be reviewed before Dec. 31/02)
Site and Event Certificate Fee $10
Proposed by: Judith Newman
Seconded by: Phil D'Eon
For: 5
Against: 1

Motion to establish a cost ceiling for AIR

Proposed by: Peter Bowle-Evans
Seconded by: Judith Newman
For: 6

We established a cost ceiling of $20,000.

Motion to set date for implementation of new membership fees: April 30/02
Proposed by: Peter Bowle-Evans
Seconded by: Judith Newman
For: 6

Motion to accept SOP 200 [HPAC / ACVL Vision, Mission & Goals]
as foundation document of HPAC
Proposed by: Peter Bowle-Evans
Seconded by: Phil D'Eon
For: 6

Motion to direct Garth Henderson (Treasurer) to take any means necessary to arrange the transfer of HGAC funds to HPAC by March 15, 2002.

Proposed by: Doug Keller
Seconded by: Steven Boost
For: 6

Motion to disband the Transition Committee

Proposed by: Judith Newman
Seconded by: Doug Keller
For: 6

Motion to select the Cliff Kakish Award winner

For Serge Lamarsh (Nominated by Fred Wilson): 2
For Lars Taylor (nominated by Nicole McLearn): 4
For Jacques Fontaine (nominated by Martin St Hilaire) - Recommended application for Long Term Award
The Kakish award went to Lars Taylor

#2002-02-15a, b, c, d
Motions to approve Master Rating for 4 pilots

Proposed by: Judith Newman
Seconded by: Cas Wolan
For: 6

Motion to establish a Long Term Achievement Award (pending a title selected by membership)

Proposed by: Peter Bowle-Evans
Seconded by: Steven Boost
For: 6

Motion to approve Tandem II rating to Peter Varzeliotis pending receipt of documentation

For: 6
to approve Senior Instructor PG to Michael Miller pending receipt of documentation
For: 6
To approve Senior Instructor to Francois Thibodeau

BoD will consider his case if Chris Muller recommends him later assuming he can
produce the "lost" paperwork.

Motion to remove HAGAR as a requirement for the Intermediate Rating

Proposed by: Peter Bowle-Evans
Seconded by: Cas Wolan
For: 2
Against: 4

Motion to unify the rating system as of December 31/02 –
i.e. to remove "old' rating system and designate pilot ratings in "new" system. Pilots without a HAGAR will be ranked "novice".
Proposed by: Doug Keller
Seconded by: Peter Bowle-Evans
For: 6

Motion to form a committee to develop Terms of Reference for a review of the Instructor Certification Program by April 30/02

Proposed by: Peter Bowle-Evans
Seconded by: Phil D'Eon
For: 6
Committee Chair: Chris Muller
Members: Fred Wilson, Cas Wolan, Bruno Allard, BJ McCaskill (or someone else from MHGA)

Motion to implement an amended scoring scheme for Master Rating

Proposed by: Peter Bowle-Evans
Seconded by: Phil D'Eon
For: 5
Abstention: 1
Revised points distribution:

  • 1 Service on Executive of HPAC… 0-6
  • 2 Service in outreach… 0-4
  • 3 Service on Exec of Provincial… 0-4
  • 4 Service at committee or officer at provincial level… 0-2
  • 5 Service at exec or director level of club 0-6
  • 6 Service at committee or officer level of club 0-3
  • 7 Responsibility for organization of competition 0-4
  • 8 Responsible assistance in operation of competition 0-2
  • 9 Certification and record of accomplishments as instructor 0-4
  • 10 Editing local, provincial, national newsletter, webmaster… 0-5
  • 11 Canadian correspondent for foreign publication 0-2
  • 12 Contribution of articles… 0-2
  • 13 Representing HPAC in FAI competitions 0-5
  • 14 Production of documentary film, TV coverage… 0-4
  • 15 Establishing a FAI approved world record… 0-4
  • 16 Other Contributions Open

Motion to adopt amended PRDs: (Amendments listed below)

  • 100 Policy and Regulatory Procedures
  • 110 Board of Directors
  • 115 Meetings of BoD
  • 120 Officers
  • 125 Business Manager
  • 135 Meeting of Members
  • 195 Disciplinary Measures
  • 200 Vision, Mission & Goals
  • 205 FAI, CIVL & Aeroclub of Canada
  • 220 Website Strategy
  • 221 Website Technical
  • 410 Cliff Kaksih Award
  • 710 External Official Communications
  • 130 HPAC/ACVL Membership (with fees)
  • 300 HPAC/ACVL Pilot Rating

Proposed by: Peter Bowle-Evans
Seconded by: Steven Boost
For: 6

Motion to adopt amended PRD #105: Safety PRD

Proposed by: Phil D'Eon
Seconded by: Cas Wolan
For: 6

Amendments to Safety PRD:
HPAC/ACVL commitment to Flight Safety

a. The HPAC/ACVL is strongly committed to promoting flight safety in all aspects of Hang Gliding and Paragliding operations.
b. The AHPC/ACVL strongly encourages its members to observe safe flying practices at all time. In order to encourage these safe flying practices, the HPAC/ACVL maintains a flight safety program. Specifically, the goals of the flight safety program are to:

  • Promote safety practices among members by increasing awareness of safety issues and developing and coordinating flight safety-oriented education;
  • Maintain safety-oriented manuals that provide flight safety guidance to members;
  • Assist members in developing local flight safety programs;
  • Provide advice to members on flight safety matters;
  • Collect, maintain and analyze flight safety statistics;
  • Establish and monitor objectives for the reduction of accidents.

Responsibilities of the Safety Officer
c. The flight safety program shall be managed by the HPAC/ACVL Safety Officer. The Safety Officer shall act as chair of the Standing Safety Committee which coordinates the activities listed above and recommends policy on safety to the BoD.
d. The HPAC/ACVL Safety Officer will act as the representative of the HPAC/ACVL on safety matters with government organizations.
NOTE: we didn't manage to create the Standing Safety Committee - We need to do this now, I think.


  • We accepted the Transition Committee's Report (Andre Nadeau)
  • We accepted the Treasurer's Report (Garth Henderson).
  • We accepted the Safety Report (Fred Wilson).
  • We accepted the Business Manager's Report (Andre Nadeau).
  • We accepted the Instructor Council Report (Chris Muller).
  • We accepted the Badges and Records Report (Vincenne Muller).
  • We accepted the Web Site Status Report (Phil D'Eon)
  • Dave Corbin (AB) volunteered to do the 2002 audit.
  • A unanimous decision not to go forward with helmet stickers because of cost.
  • Student Logbooks to be sent to new members until we have used up inventory. Should instructors request some for students, those will be sent.
  • Canada Air Games – Fred Wilson to continue negotiations with Aeroclub.
  • To conduct a survey of membership in June AIR issue regarding their views about HPAC/ACVL
  • To move full steam ahead making the website functional:
  • to complete member / instructor database so Andre is able to use it
  • to be able to conduct ONLINE AGM during April/02
  • Fred Wilson has been asked to put forth a proposal for a "club of the year" award.
  • Nationls Financial Support - The BoD are prepared to review this upon submission by the organizer(s) when the financial status is known after the event(s).


100-0 HPAC/ACVL Policy and Regulatory Directive

8. A notification of changes to a PRD will be communicated to the membership following the change; the means to be determined by the BoD. A notification for change to a PRD will be forwarded to the Secretary of the AQVL within two weeks following the change.
11. b The Secretary is responsible for:
(1) Distributing the PRDs to the BoD and reviewers.
11.c The Business Manager is responsible for:
(1) translating the PRDs;
(2) assessing the impact of proposed changes to PRDs;
(3) …
NOTE: the lettering associated with the subsections of "Responsibilities" #11 needs to be fixed.

110-0 HPAC/ACVL Board of Directors

2. The BoD of HPAC/ACVL shall … The seven regions are:

  • a. British Columbia & Yukon
  • b. Alberta & NWT
  • c. Saskatchewan
  • d. Manitoba & Nunivut
  • e. Ontario
  • f. Quebec
  • g. Atlantic Provinces

NOTE: Terms of Service – According to the Bylaws, changes to terms of service need to be ratified by vote at AGM.

115-0 HPAC/ACVL Meetings of the Board
e. The Business Manager will coordinate the planning of an annual meeting of the BoD.
17. The Business Manager is responsible for translation of the record of decisions of meetings of the BoD and communicating them to the membership.

120-0 HPAC/ACVL Officers
No changes

125-0 HPAC/ACVL Business Manager
Removal of Business Manager
5. The BoD can remove a Business Manager by majority vote of the BoD….

130-0 HPAC/ACVL Membership
25. The BoD is responsible for setting the annual membership fees. The current annual membership fees are:
a. Full member (all regions except Quebec) $90
b. Full member (Quebec Region) $72
c. Family member $72
d. Temporary member $25
31. The BoD is responsible for:
a. Setting the annual membership fees.
b. removed

135-0 Meetings of Members
37. Because the HPAC/ACVL is… , these meetings will be held electronically. (The wording remains unchanged).
38. The AGM will be held yearly between the 1st of February and the 30 of April. …
42. removed
Numbering recorded as 34 to 54 to be changed to 1 to 20 (allows for removal of item 42)

195-0 HPAC/ACVL Disciplinary Measures
No changes

200-0 HPAC/ACVL Vision, Mission, and Goals
Date of Issue: 23 February 2002
No other changes

205-0 FAI, CIVL, and Aeroclub of Canada
No changes

300-0 HPAC/ACVL Pilot Rating
New Master Rating table to be inserted.
16. Master Pilot ratings will be awarded at the ADM following the receipt of an application provided the application is received no later than two months before the ADM.

410-0 Cliff Kakish Award
12. … general and sporting aviation in particular, by their work, initiative and devotion.

415-0 Long-Term Achievement Award
2. The "unnamed" Award may be awarded from time to time to outstanding individuals who have made a long-term contribution…

710-0 HPAC/CVL External Official Communication
No changes.


  • Approval of Master Plan 2002 - March
  • Motion regarding disbursement of Student
  • Logbooks 2002 - March
  • Review of Instruction Ad Hoc Committee
  • Terms of Reference 2002 - April
  • Prepare Member Survey 2002 - April
  • Conduct Member Survey 2002 - June
  • Financial Procedures 2002 - August
  • Review of Business Manager Job 2002 - September
  • Review School Instructor Fees 2002 - October
  • HPAC Region Review 2002 - October
  • Fee Structure Review 2002 - October
  • All PRD in electronic form 2002 - November
  • Insurance Program PRD 2002 - December
  • Safety Program 2003 - July
  • Towing Manual –rewrite as guidelines with reference to the Australian manual 2003
  • Review Pilot Rating System 2003
  • Competition Manual 2003
  • AMD on/off line 2003
  • Safety Program 2003 - July
Submitted by: Judith Newman, HPAC Secretary
Date: March 8, 2002
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