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HPAC Annual Directors Meeting
Vernon, BC
May 2-May 5, 2014

This document also available as a PDF file.


  • Domagog Juretic, HPAC President and Québec Director
  • Bruce Busby, HPAC Vice President and Alberta Director
  • Gilles Normandeau, HPAC Secretary and Manitoba Director
  • Maxine Westhead, Atlantic Canada Director
  • Nick Jones, Ontario Director
  • Dave Merrick, BC Director
  • Tim Parker, HPAC Treasurer
  • Loren White, Saskatchewan Director
  • Stephen Kurth, Yukon Director
  • Margit Nance, HPAC Executive Director

Visitors for Specific Agenda Items:

  • Glenn Derouin, Senior Instructor, CSI
  • Doug Nitchie, President, Okanagan Soaring Association
  • George Martin, Safety Co-Chair (by speakerphone)
  • Mark Kowalsky, HPAC Legal Counsel (by speakerphone)

Introduction of New Director and New Region

  • Steve Kurth provided an overview of the flying community and sites in Yukon Territory

2013 ADM Summary

  • The Summary was approved

2014 ADM Agenda

  • The Agenda was approved

President's Report, Regional Director Reports, Executive Director's Report for 2013-2014


  • The motion was passed unanimously to update the language from PRD's (Policy Regulatory Directives) to Policies and Standard Operating Procedures. This change would also facilitate bringing HPAC into compliance with the Not-For-Profit-Corporations Act which comes into effect Fall 2014.
  • Tim Parker, HPAC's Treasurer, presented the new documentation he had prepared to bring HPAC into compliance with the new Act
  • The Board reviewed all existing PRD's, divided them into Policies and Operating Procedures and deleted PRD numbers where no PRD existed nor was needed; it also edited content that had been superseded by events since the PRD's had been formulated to bring them in line with de facto HPAC policies and operating procedures
  • Nick Jones took on the role of revision leader and editor to fine-tune the policies and procedures for presentation to the Board of Directors and an on-line vote for adoption by the Board

Legal Issues

  • An update on concluded and pending legal issues was provided to the Board and was discussed with HPAC's legal counsel, Mark Kowalsky (by speakerphone)
  • The anticipated suit by the Godinez-Avila family was discussed
  • HPAC's policy regarding prohibition of minors as members and tandem passengers was discussed, based on legal precedents involving minors and HPAC's insurer's policy regarding minors

Disciplinary Issues

  • The status of three members currently expelled from the Association was discussed; one expelled member asked to be allowed to fly with an USHPA membership or a temporary membership, both of which were denied.
  • The application for fast-tracking to be an instructor/tandem pilot by a member who had conducted tandems with friends while still a novice pilot was reviewed by the Board. It was determined that the pilot would have to wait for a full year after earning his Advanced rating before being awarded the Instructor certification / tandem endorsement.

Instructional Standards Review: continued from 2013

  • The SOP 420 (Instructor Certification Program) and SOP 430 (Tandem Endorsement Program) new drafts are still in preparation after discussion by CSI and for approval by CSI before coming to the Board of Directors for vote approval in the near future
  • Eric Olivier is working with the Executive Director to prepare an expanded version of his Instructor and Tandem Pilot Code of Conduct for discussion and review by CSI before it comes to the Board of Directors for vote approval in the near future
  • A Gold Wing Program or School Accreditation was discussed by the Board of Directors; it was decided not to pursue such a program due to great diversity of practice and context amongst schools throughout Canada and the potential for attracting liability to HPAC
  • The practice of fast-tracking of pilots through multiple ratings and certifications and endorsements within a short period of time was considered to be a procedure that should be discouraged in that it could affect diligent risk management by the Association; it was acknowledged that there are exceptions where pilots have a long career flying but have just not pursued ratings and are doing so now; fast-tracking can be allowed on a case-by-case basis, a the discretion of, and with the explanation by, the instructor
  • It was decided that at every opportunity instructors must make it clear to their students and gear clients that motorized hang gliding and paragliding are a different category of aviation from foot-launched non-motorized hang gliding and paragliding, namely ultralights, and are controlled by Transport Canada; HPAC's insurance covers no motorized flight, regardless whether the pilot is a member of HPAC or not

Safety Initiatives

  • George Martin, HPAC Safety Co-Chair, reviewed the Safety Initiatives developed by him and the other Safety Co-Chair, Suzanne Francoeur, at the December 2013 meeting in Vancouver: the focus was on the development of a new Accident/Incident Reporting system including a new reporting form; the anonymous nature of the actual report would be maintained; the filing of a report would also trigger the automatic collection of the narrative of the accident onto a new Safety Forum on the website and the collection of data for statistical purposes, also on the website, such that an annual report could be issued by the Safety Committee
  • It was also recommended that Instructors and Senior Instructors should be reminded that Accident and Incident Reporting involving student or tandem flights must be reported and that failure to do so could affect recertification; it was further recommended that this requirement be included in the pending Code of Conduct for Instructors
  • Another initiative was the integration of the existing logbook with a national checklist (Syllabus), based on the new Pilot Ratings developed by the Senior Instructors in 2012-13 and approved by the Board of Directors; the new document will be available in hard copy as well as electronically on the website and will replace the current logbook
  • A member of the Board of Directors proposed that the Safety Committee develop a Tandem Pre-launch Safety Protocol, based on the recommendations made by Martin Henry in response to his findings regarding the hang gliding tandem fatality in 2012; this protocol, in draft form, would be sent to all HPAC tandem pilots and CSI, requesting feedback to the proposals, and then be developed into a draft Operating Procedure by the Safety Committee for consideration and adoption by the Board
  • All initiatives were approved unanimously by the Board as a Motion to adopt the Safety Initiatives
  • The Board reviewed the Pre-Launch Safety videos that appear on the USHPA website; given that USHPA has given its permission for HPAC to use the videos on the HPAC website, with proper attribution to USHPA, the Board approved the addition of the video links to the HPAC website

Insurance SOP 440

  • The Board's attention was drawn to HPAC's new Insurance page SOP 440 on the website, with a section of FAQ's developed by HPAC's Insurance Chair, Gregg Humphreys

Communications and Member Relations

  • The growth of HPAC membership numbers to a membership consistently over 1000 was reported
  • The new Newsletter and its impact was discussed
  • Dom Juretic reported on his and Margit Nance's attendance at the USHPA Board of Directors meeting in Fall of 2013 and the benefit to HPAC and USHPA of the close relationship

Visit by Doug Nitchie, President of Okanagan Soaring Association

  • Doug provided an overview of our sport in the Okanagan region and introduced the Board to issues specific to the flying community here: in particular, air space issues in the region
  • Doug also gave an extensive overview of the Mara Lake Site Redevelopment project, as an example of a highly successful refurbishment of a site that greatly improved its capacity and its safety to all level of pilots as a major training and SIV site in BC

Organizational Renewal Project

  • Margit Nance gave an update on progress of the organizational renewal project 2013-2015

Competition Report

  • Nicole McLearn's report as HPAC Competition Chair was reviewed as well as her request for an increase in the 2014-2015 budget for competition support for sanctioned HPAC competitions; the motion to approve the Competition Chair's budget request for 2014-2015 was passed unanimously

Parks Canada Negotiations

  • The status of the ongoing negotiations between Parks Canada and HPAC (Bruce Busby, Will Gadd and Margit Nance) was discussed with the expectation that a two-year trial period of flight in Banff and Jasper and other connected mountain parks would begin at the conclusion of current negotiations in late spring

Annual Awards

  • Solid Ground Award to Doug Nitchie and others who developed Fly Hills, new site in the Okanagan;
  • Cliff Kakish Award to Randy Parkin (to be kept confidential until the Willi, which Randy will again be hosting; presentation by Bruce B.)
  • Jamie Christensen Award to Michael Fuller
  • Master Rating for Mark Kowalsky
  • Michael Robertson Award to Eric Olivier
  • Willi Muller Award (most PG comp points in 2013 - to be identified by Comp Chair, Nicole McLearn)
  • Lew Neilson Award (most HG comp points in 2013 - to be identified by Comp Chair, Nicole McLearn)
  • Board requested that the names of former recipients be removed from the text of the PRD, and for them to be relisted on another page of the website

Treasurer's Report

  • A motion to accept the Financial Statements for 2013-2014 as presented by the Treasurer was passed by the Board
  • A motion to approve the 2014-2015 budget as proposed by the Treasurer and amended by the Board was passed;
  • A motion to approve the Choice of Public Accountants (replacing the term Auditors) proposed by the Treasurer was approved by the Board
  • A motion to discontinue the $10 rating registration fee as proposed by the Treasurer was approved by the Board
  • A motion to repeal SOP 550-1 and move the Endowment Fund into General Revenue was approved by the Board

Board of Directors Elections and Appointment of Treasurer 2014-2015

  • A motion to elect the following by acclamation was passed unanimously by the Board:
    • Domagog Juretic was re-elected as President
    • Bruce Busby was re-elected as Vice President
    • Gilles Normandeau was re-elected as Secretary
    • Tim Parker was reappointed as Treasurer
  • Regional Elections for Ontario, Saskatchewan, Atlantic Canada and BC will take place later in 2014

Location of 2015 Annual Directors' Meeting

  • The location of the next HPAC Annual Directors' Meeting will be Whitehorse, Yukon.


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