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A Rare Opportunity: Jasper National Park is the first park in Canada's National Park system to allow members of HPAC the opportunity to hang glide and paraglide within the Park boundaries. This is a unique opportunity which has come about after HPAC's many years of working in collaboration with Parks Canada

For this opportunity to continue and to increase the possibility for other parks to be opened in future, all pilots are asked to strictly adhere to the guidelines. In case of specific questions not covered in these guidelines, please see contact below.

Guidelines for flying in Jasper:

  1. Advance planning is required to make sure that all requirements can be met once on site.
  2. HPAC membership is mandatory. A minimum Intermediate rating or better and currency in flying high mountain sites is highly recommended. Pilots should be prepared for potentially strong mountain conditions.
  3. Flying is only permitted in Jasper: Launching or landing in adjoining parks is prohibited (Banff, Yoho, Kootenay and all other national parks continue to be closed to free flight). Pilots are asked to familiarize themselves with Jasper Park boundaries - insure they do not land in an adjacent park (Overview map (jpg)).
  4. Paramotoring is prohibited throughout the Park.
  5. Visiting foreign pilots can buy a temporary membership by contacting the HPAC Office well in advance ( - insure they carry the required proof of membership if requested by Jasper Park staff or Jasper SkyTram staff; Jasper Park and Jasper SkyTram staff cannot issue HPAC memberships.
  6. Launches and landing zones in Jasper: launch and landing sites are not formally designated and will evolve as pilots discover them and the flying routes they lead to; however,
  7. Environmentally Sensitive Areas must be avoided as they are closed to all park users (Detailed map (pdf)):
    1. Zone 5: Jasper Townsite
    2. Marmot Basin Ski Area
    3. Roadways and associated rights-­of-­way (e.g. Highway 16, Icefields Parkway, Maligne Lake Road)
    4. Critical Cariboo habitats
  8. Jasper SkyTram: specific guidelines related to Jasper SkyTram
    1. Proof of (full or temporary) HPAC membership must be shown at the Ticket Booth (Membership in foreign associations will not be accepted)
    2. Sky tram cables and tram cars will have a 1000' (300m) clearance at all times; passing over the cable to reach an LZ must be done over the mid-station if the pilot is not 1000' (300m) above any portion of the tram system
    3. No fly-by at the upper tram station
    4. Hang gliders cannot be accommodated in the SkyTram due to their oversize for the enclosed cabin
  9. All flights must be logged : Jasper National Park will be making a formal assessment of the recreational experience to evaluate the continuation of flying in the Park after the two-year trial. All pilots are therefore asked to download all of their flight logs to the "Leonardo" site on the Paragliding Forum, using "Jasper" and a local name for the launch, eg. "Jasper Tram", or "Jasper Wilcox Pass". (Need to be logged on) Please include comments and photos when you log your flight, especially about wildlife and birds. These observations are very important for flying in this National Park.
  10. Pilots violating the above guidelines may be subject to disciplinary action by HPAC. Pilots violating any Park regulations, may be subject to fines under the Canada National Parks Act. (Closed Areas)

Please respect the efforts of multiple members of HPAC and Parks Canada by complying with the rules listed. Thank you!

In case of specific questions not covered in these guidelines or specific to Jasper Park, please contact

  • HPAC Office
  • 1-877-370-2078
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