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December 25th, 2007

Fellow Pilots,

Welcome to your annual general meeting. Unfortunately, it is very impersonal by its electronic nature. But this is forced down upon us by the size of our country.

It is our only way to make sure that you have your say on a short list items and issues where your approval is crucial. On other items it is your awareness that is crucial.

As always the budget is on top of this short list, and rightly so since it is your money. Then there are the minutes of our last Annual Director’s Meeting. Both documents are linked below for easy consultation. Lastly are two items which are up on the forum and need your approval. First item is our desire to go after a charitable status, which would permit us to receive charitable donations and to give out the corresponding charitable tax receipt for income tax purposes. With a charitable tax status the association will be able to process donations not only for our own internal benefit but for the benefit of fundraising efforts by our national teams. This involves changing our statutes to fit the federal government’s criteria for such organizations. So the proposed changes are up for your approval. And lastly, we are asking for your approval for the choice of Jorgenson and Bickerton of Amherst, N.S. as our auditors of this next year’s financial statements.

Click on the the budget link to see the 2007 budget.

Here are the minutes of our last Annual Directors Meeting.

I hope that you will take part in this process where you can have a say like at no other time in the year.

Please proceed to the forum (requires login) to cast your vote. Look for the AGM 2007 - Annual General Meeting topic under Administration

Thank you,

Domagoj Juretic
HPAC President

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