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April 04, 2007
Flight Safety
Safety Organizations
Transportation Safety Board of Canada - Contact the TSB.
Transport Canada, Civil Aviation - Contact TC Civil Aviation
NAV Canada Customer Service 1-800-876-4693
Industry Canada 1-888-817-7370
* Radio Spectrum Management
FAI/CIVL The International Hang Gliding and Paragliding Commission of the FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) CIVL Safety Notifications
International Safety Contacts British Safety Notifications
Flight Safety Network Canadian Safety Notifications
German Safety Notifications

Credibility Requires Teamwork
"Credibility with the Flight Safety Section's readers demands that each article be concise, clear, accurate and complete. The CIVL Safety Network works with each manuscript to help ensure that the author logically develops information that is easily understood and free of errors, redundancies and ambiguities. To be effective, a procedure should be a simple explanation of what is expected of a person or group. Ambiguity and verbosity are the greatest sins of procedure writing.

Flight Safety Section articles are written in English but they are distributed to many persons whose primary language is not English. Thus, clear writing is especially important. Unsolicited manuscripts are accepted for review, but a brief query by Email will help a prospective author to determine if a proposed manuscript fits current needs." *

"International standardisation should be a CIVL / FAI goal. Reinventing something that already exists to an acceptable standard is a waste of our already scant time and manpower resources." Ian Jarman, HGFAustralia Administrator

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