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Bromont, Québec May 12 - May 15, 2016

This document also available as a PDFs file.


  • Bruce Busby, HPAC Vice President and Alberta Director
  • Gilles Normandeau, HPAC Secretary and Manitoba Director
  • Maxine Westhead, Atlantic Canada Director
  • Nick Jones, Ontario Director
  • Scott Watwood, BC Director
  • Tim Parker, HPAC Treasurer
  • Tom Sliepen, Saskatchewan Director
  • Stephen Kurth, Yukon Director
  • Eric Olivier, Québec Director
  • Margit Nance, HPAC Executive Director

Visitors for Specific Agenda Items:

  • Max Fanderl, Instructor (by speakerphone)
  • Gregg Humphreys, Insurance Chair (by speakerphone) Stewart Midwinter, Representative to FAI (by speakerphone)
  • George Martin, Safety Co-Chair (by speakerphone)


The agenda was approved and new Board member Eric Olivier from Québec was introduced.


The summary was approved by the Board.


Bruce Busby, HPAC Vice-President chaired the meeting. He reported on his efforts to carry on with the many projects that Domagoj Juretic was working on as HPAC President at the time of his passing in January of 2016.


Alberta: Bruce Busby, Alberta Director, reported that the Fall 2015 election for Alberta Director had a run-off between two pilots, with Bruce Busby being elected as Alberta Director. There are two new schools operating in Alberta: one in Drayton Valley called Air Adventure Flight School which is owned and operated by Senior Instructor Claudio Mota and offers paragliding, trikes and paramotor instruction; also, Infinity Flight Park in central Alberta run by Kevin Fischer, which offers hang gliding instruction and towing.

Atlantic Canada: Maxine Westhead, Atlantic Canada Director, reported that she is now President of HPAAC after Michael Fuller had stepped down from that position. She also reported that there are a couple of new pilots in the area who will be joining their flying community. Again in 2016 Atlantic Canada expects to put forward a proposal to have a visiting instructor come for an extended instruction session, this time using towing and a site in PEI. A proposal would be coming to HPAC for some funding assistance in a few weeksʼ time.

Québec: Eric Olivier, Québec Director, reported that there is discussion among Quebec pilots re the role of AQVL, maintaining it as a viable organization that serves pilots, and how that might evolve in the future. Numbers of pilots are flying outside of any club or association structure, but do have their HPAC. He also reported that Mont Ste-Anne flying site has fewer and fewer people using it.

Ontario: Nick Jones, Ontario Director, reported that instructors and clubs in Ontario have been making a concerted effort to get people to go through their HAGAR exams and many have done so. He also reported that SOGA is looking for a new field as there is more and more encroachment from adjacent windfarms etc. There might be a possibility of connecting with a local sailplane club at their site, a relationship that had worked well in the past. He also reported a new tug pilot is working with SOGA now.

Manitoba: Gilles Normandeau, Manitoba Director, reported that there was a new student that had been signed off by Barry Morwick, Instructor, to add to the Manitoba contingent. As well he noted that there are a couple of pilots flying off private land who are currently not HPAC members but who they hope to bring into the fold.

Saskatchewan: Tom Sliepen, Saskatchewan Director, reported that some outstanding flights were had by Saskatchewan pilots with huge distances flown. But unfortunately their flights did not count as records because they did not have their HAGAR. Saskatchewan pilots may invest in a winch in the Saskatoon area. He is concerned that the local groups are not yet strong enough for the sport to grow locally.

British Columbia: Scott Watwood, BC Director, reported that Fred Wilsonʼs passing had been noted and that he was someone who contributed a lot to the sport in its early years. He also reported that there were some pilots flying rogue or not respecting local site rules but they were now coming into the fold. The Golden LZ is still up for sale and if sold would be a huge set-back for the flying community if it was no longer allowed to be an LZ. The CSI meeting in Vancouver in November of 2015 was a big success. He also reported that pilots are trying to get themselves upgraded to P2, helped along by people such as Max Fanderl, who has now dedicated Mount Swansea as a minimum P2 site.

The Willi 2015 was a very successful event as were the HG Nationals also. Many outstanding flights were had of record quality and distance.

Yukon: Stephen Kurth, Yukon Director, reported the completion of major site development projects at Haeckel Hill and Mount Syma. He also mentioned that there is an ongoing issue at the LZ in Dawson, where the local Farmerʼs Market wishes to expand too close to the LZ. An international petition drew a lot of pilot support and the Council of Dawson is currently studying the issue. Steve also reported the record flights that had been attained in Yukon but that could not be recognized, again because of lack of HAGAR.


Provincial Association Compulsory Membership

One Board member expressed the concern of a pilot in one region who did not wish to be a member of the provincial association but would run afoul of HPACʼs requirement that members of HPAC must be members of provincial associations where they exist. The Board discussed the relationship between provincial associations and the national

association, and the history of that at length. The objective was posed to not make people potentially lose or not be eligible for HPAC membership just because membership in the provincial association is mandatory. It was also noted that withdrawing that requirement and making provincial association fees voluntary might kill the local associations, which are currently the agents behind site improvements and maintenance. Suggestions were made as to how to word the SOP which spells out the relationship between HPAC and the provincial associations.

MOTION To change the wording in SOP 22—4 (Membership) to discontinue requiring membership in provincial/regional associations as a requirement for HPAC membership. Passed unanimously.

Executive Director Report

Margit Nance presented the Executive Director report on the Organizational Renewal Project and the Website Plan. The Board approved the Website Plan for completion in early 2017.

Minor Waivers in Quebec

Eric Olivier gave some background as to why this was an issue in Quebec. He indicated Quebec instructors and tandem pilots would be making their own decisions re assuming the risk related to minors, if coverage is not guaranteed by the underwriter. It was recommended that the legal opinion regarding minor waivers be well publicized in Quebec as well as the insurance companyʼs statement regarding minors.

School Insurance

One Board member requested the removal of the words “at insured schools” to break the connection with schools and instead to connect the student directly with the covered instructor. This is occasioned by the fact that not all instructors operate out of formal schools and yet carry the same third-party liability insurance as as other instructors affiliated with a school. The discussion regarding the future of the “school insurance” fee being charged was deferred to the Budget discussion.


All SOPʼs that had been edited/redrafted just prior to the ADM were displayed on the screen and reviewed/edited/discussed by the Board of Directors as a group.

SOPʼs 220-4 (Membership), 250-3 (Executive Director), 290-0 (Competition), 310-2 (External Official Communications), 320-3 (Disciplinary Measures), 405-0 (Accident/Incident Reporting), 431-0 (Tandem Pre-Flight Safety Protocol), 440-0 (Insurance Program), 450-0 (Pilot Rating and Instructor Certification Policies), 500-0 (Association Awards), 700-1 (Creating and Revising SOPʼs).

MOTION To pass all SOP changes as amended by the Board. Passed unanimously.

(It was noted that some SOPʼs are still in edit stage, e.g. those dealing with the Council of Senior Instructorsʼ recommendations for change to Ratings and Instructor certifications, and when complete, would come to the Board for review and vote.)


Information was presented on the status of three legal proceedings, all currently dormant. There was also discussion on the status of the validity of waivers signed by minors or their parents/guardians in Quebec and that more research would have to be done with the underwriter to see how coverage involving minor instruction or tandem instruction might be acquired.


General Report

Eric Olivier, Competition Chair, reported on the upcoming competition season and the greater and greater capacity building in Quebec. There is an additional FAI meet for paragliding being planned for Quebec later in the year.

The HG Nationals will be held in Golden and the Willy event is sold out already.

The Urubu Cup is open May 1 to November 1 and it has 18 tasks that people have to complete during that time period. It is set like a contest. It is a good tool for people to learn to fly tasks etc.

Chris Muller Award Nomination

MOTION nominating Brett Hazlett for the first Chris Muller Award. Motion passed unanimously.

Budget Request 2016-2017

The Competition Committee requests 10,600 for the 2016-2017 budget.

MOTION to increase the 2017-2018 Competition Budget by $1,000 ($500 for each Nationals). Motion passed unanimously.


Stewart Midwinter, Records Chair, (by speaker phone) suggested adopting the Peter Spear method for determining records eligibility. It is a plotting software rather than an adjudication software. Anyone breaking air space rules will not have a recordable record.

MOTION: To use the Nav Canada Designated Airspace Handbook, as visualized by the air space viewer designed by Peter Spear. The validation is the sole responsibility of the Records Chair and appeals are sent to the Competition Committee whose decision is final. Motion passed unanimously.

Consensus on Records Awarding

Stewart Midwinter will continue to be Records Adjudicator, and appeals will be coming to the Competition Committee.

Airspace and Foreign Pilots without HAGAR

MOTION The Competition Committee will finalize wording in the Rule Book and also on comp publications requiring competition organizers to verify that a person has HAGAR where there is a reasonable expectation that pilots will fly into controlled airspace. Motion passed unanimously.


Stewart Midwinter, HPAC FAI Rep (by speakerphone) reported on pending issues in FAI, including a review of FAI IPPI rating recommendations due to discrepancies from national association to national association in various countries.


Margit Nance reported on recent interactions with Transport Canada Civil Aviation regarding a powerline accident in North Vancouver in Spring 2016.


The Report from Suzanne Francoeur and George Martin was accepted by the Board as well as the statistics report. Concern was expressed that pilots were not buying into safety precautions to the extent that should be happening.

There will be future discussions of regional safety clinics.

The Board recommended that in addition to accident statistics collection and reports, there should be analysis and publication to the membership. There should be data points that identify students who crashed or P2ʼs or from which schools. There should be analysis as to what this all means not just by the pilot themselves but someone who will externally analyze. Trends can be discovered regarding specific instructors and their students or accidents/incidents, or certain levels of pilot.

Data collection must be followed up by analysis and dissemination of information. The idea was posed that while the Safety Committee should continue with the data collection, a third party, perhaps from CSI? Do the analysis.

The Safety Committee was asked to propose what additional resources they would need to expand the topic of Safety within HPAC to all pilots. Might that portfolio need a stipend to conduct safety clinics??

The suggestion was made that a Safety Card should be produced that goes into the welcome package of all new pilots!! And also should be included in what instructors teach.

Future CSI meetings should have a dedication to Safety. CSI will be reviewing and analyzing the accident reports periodically and then to publish an assessment which goes out to all members either as a special-topic newsletter or items in a general newsletter.


James Breau

Evidence (written and video) previously sent to the Board was discussed in detail. It was determined that the pilot, in spite of efforts by fellow pilots at his home site, had repeatedly transgressed #2, 2d, 2e, 2h of SOP 320-3.

MOTION to expel the member for one year after which he could reapply for membership. The member was given 30 days to appeal the decision in writing. Motion passed unanimously.

Serge Lamarche

Conduct and communication by this pilot over a number of years was reviewed by the Board. As well, the recent altering of his certifications in the website database, to which the pilot had access as a function of his role on the web team and other contract work for the Association, was discussed. It was determined that the pilot betrayed his position of trust vis-à-vis the HPAC proprietary website, and in addition repeatedly, grievously and publicly transgressed #2 and 2e of SOP 320-3.

MOTION to expel the member for one year, with reapplication contingent on some conditions. The member was given 30 days to appeal the decision in writing. Motion passed unanimously.


Proposal for HPAC Instructor Certification

Max Fanderl presented his proposal for instructor certification to the Board of Directors (on speaker phone). It was discussed that the goal of this proposal is desirable and that how this was phased in over time was very important. There are numerous issues to be discussed regarding pilot uptake on the system and the length of time it might take to put into place. Issues of potential liability, relationship of HPAC with its members, etc. would also have to be discussed. The Board agreed that the CSI would be moving in this direction. The topic would be continued for discussion by CSI.


Eric Olivier reported on the purpose and the advantages of the CSI meeting and the benefits of the face-to-face meeting of all Senior Instructors in Canada. He also suggested there should be fewer issues tackled, people should preprepare and then finalize documents at the meeting. There should also be a focus on communication and safety.

Updating Endorsements for Pilots that are unrated or P1ʼs

Margit Nance reported that Endorsements would be caught up in a systematic way.

Upgrading Unrated and P1 Pilots

Margit reported that she would be sending out the notice to all unrated and P1 pilots that everyone would have until end of the year to become rated and until 2017 at end if they are starting this spring.

MOTION: Pilots below P2 or H2 rating cannot renew their membership after December 31, 2016. Motion passed unanimously.

Atlantic Canada Instruction Proposal

Maxine Westhead presented her proposal that Eric Brent would be submitting his proposal to come again for an instructional session in Atlantic Canada. She will be sending a new proposal to the Board. The course would likely take place at a towing site in PEI.

Foreign Equivalency Ratings

Foreign Ratings will no longer be accepted without approvals and checkout from an HPAC-certified instructor, who would test/review skills and send in a regular rating form to the Office.

Instructor Evaluations

These should be sent out with all welcome packages to new pilots. A new form is to be developed from the old form and go to the Board for editing/approval and then implementation by the Office.

Peter McLaren Proposal

The CSI is working on a tandem endorsement curriculum but documents are not final. Peterʼs request for a separate Tandem/Instructor and Instructor certification program was discussed but no conclusions drawn until the CSI could complete its work.

CSI Professional Development

Tom Sliepen discussed the potential to bring a world-class instructor to do professional development for instructors. He also discussed the idea of a standard aviation course geared specifically to hang gliding and paragliding instruction.


Nominations were received for the following awards:

Solid Ground Coldstream Ranch Christensen Award Fred Wilson

Michael Robertson Instructor of the Year

Eric Olivier

Domagoj Juretic Leadership Award (new award, no nominee this first year)

Honorary Master Rating

Domagoj Juretic

MOTION to make these awards to the recipients nominated (and to send two awards to members of Domagoj Jureticʼs family). Motion passed unanimously.


Logo Copyright

Treasurer Tim Parker reported on the cost of trademarking the words HPAC and ACVL and the logo being about $750 +. The Office was also directed to prepare a banner that has the logo and says certified instructor which is a banner that certified instructors can use on their materials. The budget will include the cost.

Instructor Defense Fund

MOTION: To delete SOP 730 as the Fund had never been used and there was no separate fund. It was noted that it was within the jurisdiction of the HPAC Board to provide assistance to HPAC instructors, without there being a specially named fund. Motion passed unanimously.

Fiscal 2015-2016 Financial Report

MOTION: To approve the report. Motion passed unanimously.

Choice of Auditors

MOTION: To approve choice of auditors. Motion passed unanimously.

Budget 2016-2017

There should be a Letter sent to Schools that there will no longer be a school insurance surcharge for schools starting at end of 2016. Letters should only be sent to those schools who have been purchasing the school insurance. Reference to School Insurance should be removed from the website.

Docusign was approved for inclusion in the new website and a budgetary allowance was made for the fees associated with it. It will allow waivers to be submitted online in the new website.

Fee increase: It was noted that the fees for HPAC membership had been the same for a decade and that legal fees, new programs such as the Council of Senior Instructor meetings, publication costs, administrative costs for an increased membership had risen substantially over the years and HPACʼs reserves were being severely impacted.

MOTION: To increase the individual membership fees to $160 from $125, plus provincial fees. The fees would be increased as of January 1, 2017. These new fees were to be incorporated into all forms etc. on the new website in development. Motion passed unanimously.


Member at Large

MOTION: To name Tim Parker as a Director-at-large to serve as Treasurer, as per SOP 200-4 #4. Motion passed unanimously.

Elections of Executive

The following were nominated for the following positions:


Bruce Busby

Vice-President Nick Jones Secretary

Gilles Normandeau

MOTION: to accept the nominations. Motion passed unanimously.


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