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The Launch

Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada

Message From The Vice-President Nick Jones.

Hello fellow pilots and friends of free flight in Canada,
2018 will be a busy year for the volunteer Board of Directors and Committees of HPAC/ACVL as we push towards the completion of several projects, while maintaining the services that allow us all to fly.
I take this opportunity to review the mission of HPAC/ACVL stated in SOP 100-3: "[...]to represent, and facilitate the self-regulation of the sports of Hang Gliding and Paragliding in Canada and to deliver programs and services of national scope that enable and promote the safe participation of all member pilots."
Executing this mission takes several forms, but the objectives at root of most of our efforts are maintaining our insurability and minimizing government regulatory oversight. By maintaining a robust program for pilot ratings and instruction, recording statistics and educating pilots about safety issues, we can a) continue to satisfy our insurer that insuring HPAC/ACVL is an acceptable risk and b) continue to enjoy the status of (mostly) self-regulated aviation sports. The insurance and regulatory environment is always changing and we must be constantly working to improve ourselves to maintain our current status. 
In the past year I have been asked about development of "HPAC/ACVL flying sites". Part of HPAC/ACVL’s mission is to "Support the preservation and acquisition of flying sites in Canada". Flying sites are exclusively developed and maintained by individuals, regional clubs and other organizations such as flight parks and schools. The HPAC/ACVL supports these regional activities by helping with insurance information, landowner references, interacting with national organizations (like Parks Canada), and providing site insurance certificates. If you are developing a flying site please contact your regional director or the Executive Director to discuss how HPAC/ACVL can support your efforts.
In 2017 we started a review of the instructor ratings, training and (re)certification: this effort continues in 2018 with the objectives of improving instructional standards, ensuring uniform student pilot skill levels, and working to optimize certification requirements for instructors and tandem pilots. This will be the focus of a CSI (Council of Senior Instructors) face-to-face meeting.
Work on the Member Management System back end of our French and English websites continues; it has been a long road and we continue to move forward to completion.
Since Bruce's resignation as President in December, I have been happy to do my best to fill his shoes and will continue to do so until the Board of Directors meeting in May when a new president will be elected.
Nick Jones
Vice President, HPAC/ACVL

Tribute To Barry Bateman HPAC/ACVL #1 

Barry Bateman, one of the great pioneers of our sport, passed in the fall of 2017, just before his 73rd birthday. Martin Henry, HPAC/ACVL #2, one of his contemporaries, who witnessed the early years of our sport and Barry’s role in it, recently completed a statement about Barry’s role for his blog. He is allowing us to share it with members. It is a great story and can be found at

Insurance Policy Secured For 2018-2019

HPAC/ACVL’s third party liability insurance for 2018-2019 has been renewed with only a negligible increase for this new insurance year. The policy continues to cover minor pilots as students and full members. However, while it does cover worldwide, the exception is the United States, which in any event normally requires visiting temporary USHPA insurance at most sites and all competition events. For insurance questions, please consult the FAQ’s at

Insurance Certificates Now Available


If your club or flying site needs to have proof of insurance for the landowner, the application for the certificate can be found at and can be sent in by e-mail. A certificate will be issued in a short turnaround time.

2018 Canadian National Paragliding Championships In Chelan, Washington Piggybacked On The US Paragliding Open


This year the Canadian National Paragliding Championships will be held in Chelan, WA, home of some of the best flatland flying in the world!  This event is being run simultaneously with the US Paragliding Open as well as being a stop of the Pre-Paragliding World Cup Tour!  Competition dates are July 8-14, 2018.  For more information please contact 

2018 Canadian National Hang Gliding Championships At Mont Yamaska, Quebec

Philippe Michaud has just announced the 2018 Hang Gliding National Championships to be held at Mont Yamaska, Québec May 18-22, 2018 and sponsored by both local clubs, DVL and CVLY. This is the first time in a long time that this event is being held in eastern Canada. The event will be live on airtribune shortly.

Why Are There Two Facebook Pages For HPAC/ACVL?


This is a frequently asked question, especially by newer members. Many years ago, when Facebook was first developed, a then-member of HPAC/ACVL started up a Facebook page which still displays our logo to this day. This was a welcome development at the time, because it allowed members to take advantage of this new way to communicate with other members and past members. It is still moderated solely by the former member who started the page, and subsequent HPAC moderators have unfortunately not been able to gain access.


Therefore HPAC/ACVL started an Official moderated HPAC/ACVL page a couple of years back for current members who could discuss current issues and exchange information on that FB page. You can see it at

Board Member Portfolios

In 2016, the Board of Directors determined a portfolio system for Board members, in order for individual members to be able to focus on specific mandates of the Association and keep the Board informed. This specialization has been helpful in the Board as a whole having access to the best and most current information in each area of the Association’s mandate.
Board member portfolios are as follows:

  • Nick Jones, Vice-President and Acting President (Communications for the Board)
  • Maxine Westhead, Awards
  • Eric Olivier, Instruction
  • Tom Sliepen, Safety
  • Nicole McLearn, Competition
  • Stephen Kurth, Disciplinary Issues
  • Randy Parkin (TBD at next Annual Director Meeting)
Members are encouraged to contact their regional Board member and/or the Board member with the portfolio that most addresses their concern. Contact information can be found at

HPAC/ACVL Environmental Impact Assessment Available To Clubs And Members Applying For Site Tenures


HPAC/ACVL and BCHPA commissioned the first Environmental Impact Assessment of our sport from Golder Associates, a leading global consultancy in the field of environmental assessment some several years ago, an assessment that was a cornerstone of documentation submitted to Parks Canada and which resulted to regulatory changes regarding permission to fly in National Parks in Canada. The first park to give permission was Jasper National Park in Alberta and other parks are being approached.
If your club or a group of pilots are in the process of applying for a tenure for a new flying site, copies of this EIA, in both hard copy and electronic versions, are available to you. Also, the Office is able to provide any support in the form of connecting you with other pilots and clubs who have tenure application experience and to write letters of support for your application.
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