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Tyler Gillies (BC)
While I may not have as many years under my belt as some of my peers, I have taken full advantage of those years to make a significant impact on behalf of my fellow pilots. I have a knack for diplomacy and I don't discriminate against wings, free flight for all!

I care not just about my local community but all pilots nationally. I have made a point to fly and get to know our sites, pilots and clubs all across Canada from BC to Nova Scotia.

I bring fresh ideas and a different perspective to advocate for what matters most. My track record for success is hard to miss, but there is no doubt I couldn't do it without all the help of the great pilots who surround me and those that came before me. 

Served as:
Western Safety co-chair for HPAC.
Safety and Events Director for West Coast Soaring Club.
President for West Coast Soaring Club.

Renegotiated land deals saving club members thousands of dollars each year.
Negotiated Mt. Baldy Ski Resort as an official flying site for all HPAC pilots. 
Produced articles and TV newscasts that celebrate and bring a positive light to our sport. 
Written the last three HPAC safety advisory stories. 
Created new fly-ins and events.
Hosted Repack Clinics.
Hosted HPAC Study Courses.
Participated in the Canadian Nationals.
Jon Lovering (Prairie Region)
I am a native of Saskatchewan who spent 10 years working in the California Bay Area where I learned to fly paragliders achieving my USHPA P4 rating and Basic Instructor certification. I also volunteered with the several local USHPA chapters (WOR, BAPA, WHSR, and MCHG) that serve the many sites of the Bay Area. Prior to returning to Saskatchewan full time in March of 2018, I had been periodically travelling to Golden to participate in the Willi XC giving me the chance to connect with many pilots from across Canada. Since returning, I have converted my USHPA P4 rating to HPAC and am currently working to complete the requirements to become an HPAC Instructor and am excited to establish instruction in the Saskatoon area to grow the pilot community. I have also had the opportunity to connect with the existing Hang Glider community in the Saskatoon area, driving retrieves at the Outlook Open, as well as fly with the MHGA in the Crooked Lake area. I’m passionate about expanding flying in the prairies and seeking out new locations that could support foot launched soaring, as well as establishing locations to tow launch (and land) safely.
Brendon McKenna (Atlantic Canada)
Brendon McKenna works as a Certified Biomedical Engineering Technologist, CBET(C) at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Charlottetown, PEI.  Brendon graduated from the Electronics Engineering Technology program in 1991 and graduated from Computer Engineering Technology in 1993 both at Holland College in PEI.

His dreams of flight have always been the ability to jump into the air and sustain a desired elevation indefinitely, floating around in any direction effortlessly.   Long before he ever left the ground for real, he knew what it was like to fly through elaborate and vivid dreams.

Brendon looked into flight for the first time when he was 18 but fixed wing flight was outside his means at the time.  Many years later he saw his first hope for flight.  A PPG flew overhead and he chased it while navigating the back roads of the island until he lost sight of it.

He began looking into what this flying machine was and spent the next year and a half reading endless posts on every form he could find on the internet.  Reading all the posts on PPG he realized these guys were small engine mechanics who flew once in a while....
Brendon sent out a plea to one of the USA forums asking where he could get some instruction.  A guy in Halifax responded and told him about free flight in Nova Scotia.  He went to the Parrsboro Flying Festival that following spring, saw wings in free flight for the first time and he was hooked.

In the fall of 2001 Brendon had his first solo introductory flight and in the spring of 2002 he signed up for the beginner course.  He became a pilot and his amazingly supportive wife became a wind widow.... the rest is history.

For 20 years now Brendon has served on community council in the Community of Brackley, where he resides.  He currently holds the position of Mayor on council.  In the spring of 2016 Brendon was elected to the Atlantic Canada Clinical Engineering Society (ACCES) Board of Directors as the Secretariat.  In the past Brendon has volunteered as spotter and as a Flight Navigator with Civil Air Search and Rescue.  He also volunteered as a firefighter for 16 years serving as Captain as well as Secretariat for 12 of those years.

At the HPAAC AGM in Parrsboro in the spring of 2018 Brendon was elected as the Atlantic Region National Rep on the Board of Directors for HPAC.

Brendon is very involved in the sport of Paragliding.  He has served a term as the Safety Officer and served a term as President on the board for Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Atlantic Canada (HPAAC).  He is currently a member of the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Atlantic Canada (HPAAC), Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada (HPAC), as well United States Hang Gliding Paragliding Association (USHPA).  He is certified as an Intermediate (P3) Paragliding Pilot both in Canada and USA.

Other hobbies include Wood Working, Carpentry, Metal Fabrication and Real Estate.
He is supported at home by his wife and two teenage boys, the older of the two boys just completed his P2 rating in PG.
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