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The incoming Director is Logan Small: “My name is Logan Small and I am currently a P3 pilot who has been flying for nearly 5 years in the Yukon and around North America. I am currently flying an Alpina 2 wing with a Delight pod harness. I currently work for the newly founded Yukon University (formally Yukon College) as a tech lead and IT systems developer. Prior to a Christmas party about 5 years ago I had no idea this sport was even possible until our club’s president-at-the-time, Russell Bamford, had given me a quick lesson about the physics related to unpowered flight. He also had some questions about the existence and quality of any flying dreams I might be having, which was apparently a common experience among pilots. I look forward to joining the Board and representing the north in a time of rapid evolution of free flight across our nation.”



The incoming Director is Bastien Dufour: “I am passionate about aeronautics: private pilot since 1997, paragliding pilot since 2005, engineer and manager in aeronautics and aerospace for 35 years, including many at Transport Canada Civil Aviation on files related to Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs), active member of the Club de Vol Libre Yamaska (CVLY) since 2014 and Vice-resident of the Board 2017-2019. Retired, I have the time and energy to contribute to the sustainability and strengthening of our passion throughout Quebec and in Canada, working within the dynamic HPAC team and various committees. In particular, I aim to bring my experience to bear on files with Transport Canada, focus on enhancing safety, promote and support activities in Quebec, and in general represent and support within HPAC all Quebec paragliding and hang-gliding pilots. Higher, farther!”



The current Director for Alberta, Randy Parkin, was returned by acclamation. He joined the Board in January 2018 and has been serving as Vice-President of HPAC/ACVL since April 2019.


Thank you to all pilots who put their names forward to run for the Board and keep our sport in the air!

Published: Dec. 27, 2019

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