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March 27 – March 28, 2020

(by Videoconference)

Nick Jones, HPAC President and Ontario Director
Randy Parkin, HPAC Vice-President and Alberta Director
Tim Parker, HPAC Secretary Treasurer
Chris Jette, Atlantic Canada Director
Tyler Gillies, BC Director
Jon Lovering, Prairies Director
Logan Small, Yukon Director
Bastien Dufour, Québec Director
Margit Nance, HPAC Executive Director



The President, Nick Jones, provided an overview of the past year and the status of ongoing projects. He reviewed the multi-year Organizational Renewal Project, which is now missing only the Membership Management System of the new website, to be complete. He also discussed HPAC’s need to maintain and increase the quality of instruction and access thereto, with the idea that it might be possible to put some instructional components online. He also reviewed HPAC’s stance on Covid-19, regarding which he had written a letter to all members.

This report was followed by regional reports by all Directors. Two Directors new to the Board were introduced: Bastien Dufour of Québec and Logan Small of Yukon.

The report of the Executive Director, Margit Nance, reviewed HPAC Office participation in key projects such as the Vancouver Airspace Modernization Project, HPAC Insurance negotiations and acquisition, legal issues, provincial association consultation, BC Coroner’s Fatality investigation, as well as internal activities such as support to Board members, such as on the Student Evaluations being conducted by the Vice-President, editing of the Newsletter and extensive services to nearly 1100 members, including ratings, instructor certifications, distribution of logbooks and IPPI cards, etc.

New Terms of Reference were presented, moved and passed for Board members, for the Safety Committee and for the Competition Committee.

HPAC’s Trademark Registration is complete and a new License to Use the HPAC Logo is in development for use by schools/certified instructors, meet directors of sanctioned meets and Canada’s World Team participants.

All HPAC Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) were reviewed pre-meeting for necessary changes and presented. All changes were adopted; (these latest to be published shortly on the HPAC website at



The new Insurance Policy was discussed (full policy still pending from the insurer) as well as some of the changes implicit in it (more information on that in the May 2020 ‘The Launch’ Newsletter).

Instructor Legal Defence Funding was discussed, given a couple of lawsuits against instructors in recent years. In past years, HPAC has provided up to 50% support of the legal defense that had to be mounted by the instructor. The Board will continue to consider these rare applications on a case-by-case basis. It was determined to seek input from CSI (Council of Senior Instructors) and the instructor community generally on this topic before any formal policy on the matter is set.



In 2019, under the guidance of Randy Parkin, HPAC initiated Student Surveys of all pilots having completed a rating, instructor certification or tandem endorsement, to gauge the overall instructional quality in Canada. By the end of March 2020, a full twelve month complement of these surveys had been collected. While the response rate of 30% has been encouraging, further surveys will provide more definitive information.

Since the beginning of 2020, the frequency of publication of the HPAC/ACVL’s Newsletter The Launch/Le Déco has been increased to monthly, with the invited and anticipated provision to the Office of stories and issues from Board members and HPAC members generally.

Nick Jones reported on the status of the Membership Management System (MMS) component of the new website, which had gone through its testing phase. It will be tested now by members of the Board to determine readiness for going live.



As a follow-up to the 2019 ADM, Tyler Gillies presented a draft of requirements for a set of ratings specifically for Speedflying. The Board voted unanimously to approve the addition of Speedflying as an instructional branch of HPAC, along with the current branches of hang gliding and paragliding. Implementation of Speedflying within HPAC is pending future development of a curriculum, examinations specific to Speedflying, consultation with CSI and instructors across Canada, a speedflying instructor certification plan, and final approval of these components by HPAC’s Board of Directors.

Review of the Tandem Pilot Recertification Program is still ongoing, in response to HPAC tandem pilot requests for more targeted instructor/tandem pilot recertification, with particular emphasis on greater accessibility to recertification or other methods for continuing professional development. New categories of Flight Instructor and Tandem Instructor are being considered, with differing recertification or currency criteria for maintaining those certifications. Jon Lovering is leading this project and will be consulting with instructors and tandem pilots in the near future.

This will also lead to and involve a review of the Instructor and Senior Instructor Certification and Recertification Program, to identify and implement alternative ways to recertify, such as online components.


The Competition Budget was approved by the Board for 2020, with the notation however that several meets would potentially be postponed or cancelled, given the current pandemic. The three national competitions sanctioned by HPAC (HG, PG and PG Accuracy) are all eligible for a $1500 contribution each. Other regional local meets and comps are eligible for a $500 contribution with a minimum participation of 10 pilots. The Competition budget also pays for HPAC’s membership in Aero Club of Canada (required in order for Canadian pilots to participate in international FAI-sanctioned competitions) and the year-long XCanada contest.



The next Safety Advisory, published by the HPAC Safety Committee, will be coming out in April 2020.

An updated Accident/Incident Reporting Form is in preparation by the Safety Committee, that will automatically populate a google spreadsheet, for easier analysis of safety trends. It was stated again that the notion of confidentiality in accident/incident reporting is critical to assure the timely and routine submission of reports to the Safety Committee. It was also determined that in the case of a hang glider accident/incident, there would be consultation with a hang gliding instructor or senior instructor, unconnected to the event, as the current Safety committee has only paraglider pilots on it.



It was moved unanimously by the Board of Directors that the HPAC/ACVL Fiscal Year-End would change from March 31 to December 31. This would facilitate the timely implementation of any SOP changes prior to the next full flying season and the timely convening of the online HPAC AGM. Thus the next budget is for the period of April 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020, a nine-month period. The Board also approved the continuation of the auditors, Jorgensen and Bickerton in Atlantic Canada.



Logan Small presented all of the Award Nominations that had been submitted to HPAC (totaling 9). The Board voted unanimously to make all of the awards submitted as per (The identities of the award recipients have traditionally not been publicized, with awards shipped to the nominating member who can then choose an appropriate local occasion to present the award, along with local pilots. This is done in order to maximize the recognition for the award recipients that these awards represent.)

A new award was officially named, by unanimous vote of the Board: the new PG Accuracy Award, presented to the Canadian pilot with the most NTSS points in Canada at the end of the season, was named the Jimmy “Jimbo” Giroux Paragliding Accuracy Award.

Two Master Rating Applications were received. Both had to be declined by the Board as the nominees did not meet the requirements as identified in


BOARD PORTFOLIOS (to December 2020)

Individual Board members took on the following Board Portfolios in order to specialize their knowledge and advice to the overall Board of Directors:
Governance and External Communications: Nick Jones
Budget and Finance: Tim Parker
Internal Communications, Member Engagement and Student Evaluations: Randy Parkin
Instruction/Tandem: John Lovering
Safety: Bastien Dufour
Awards, Technology: Logan Small
Competition: Chris Jette
Speedflying Instructional Project: Tyler Gillies



The following were elected/appointed unanimously:

President: Nick Jones (Nick Jones abstained from vote)
Vice-President: Randy Parkin (Randy Parkin abstained from vote)
Secretary/Treasurer: Tim Parker (appointment) (Tim Parker abstained from vote)

Regional elections to take place in late fall 2020 in BC, Ontario, Atlantic Canada, Prairie Region.



It was moved unanimously that the Board would hold a series of online meetings throughout 2020 and would hold a 6-8 hour online ADM meeting in 2021.

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