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The road to launch on Mt. 7 is open and the flying season has begun in earnest. If you plan to fly Golden in 2020, please be aware of the following…

Covid-19 Precautions

BC, as in other provinces, has taken a measured approach to re-opening after the shutdowns in place since March. You can find up to date information about the current situation with respect to travel, etc. by going to this link:

Tourism is an important part of the economy of the area, and local businesses are generally eager to have us back. You can see more about Golden tourism here (and their home page header video has some PG in it):

Maintaining a positive relationship with the local community of Golden and the Columbia Valley is important to our continued freedom to fly and go XC from Mt. 7. My own experience while visiting Golden the last few weekends is that the locals in town are as friendly and accommodating as ever. I do worry though about the reception any of us might receive landing down valley. These people too are generally welcoming, but value their privacy and may be more on edge given current circumstances. Please be especially careful and respectful of their concerns in any interaction you have with them.

Landing Fields

Muller Flight Park/GEAR: The LZ IS CLOSED. Do not land there. The campground is open if you need a place to stay. Work is going on behind the scenes to re-open the LZ, and an announcement will be made when that happens. You can expect there will be new rules in place. Whatever they are, please adhere to them in order to keep this LZ available to us.

Skyview Ranch: Fortunately, we have an alternative LZ. Karen and Doug Keller’s Skyview Ranch is in Nicholson (see Skyview Ranch Map), just south of Muller Flight Park and a slightly longer glide from launch – please adjust accordingly, especially in a south wind.
We ask that all pilots that choose to land at Skyview Ranch do the following…

  1. Sign and deliver the Skyview Ranch Waiver to Doug and Karen (or designated representative). If you signed a waiver at the 2019 Willi, you are fine. If not or you are not sure, sign the waiver prior to flying or landing at the Ranch.
  2. Follow the rules. In order to retain use of this field, please adhere to the simple rules Doug and Karen have asked us to follow. Click here to view and download the rules.
  3. Respect the Owners, Community of Nicholson and Fellow Pilots.

Further updates regarding Skyview Ranch will be posted on this page:

The Willi Team is working with Karen and Doug to add amenities at the field, including a porta-pottie, windsock, and windtalker. If you can, please consider a donation to help us cover these costs – just click the Donate button on the Skyview Ranch page. All funds donated will be used only for pilot related amenities at Skyview Ranch and Mt. 7, Golden generally.


A great project headed by Toby Stier has resulted in a Holfuy weather station being installed on Mt. 7 Lookout Launch (the main launch). This weather station is supported by donations from individual pilots like you. If this weather data improves your flying experience at Mount 7, or you are just a fine person flush with cash, please take a moment to contribute at the link below:

We are also working to have a weather station installed in Nicholson, also free to pilots.

Road to Launch

As always, please drive responsibly on your way to launch.

Published: Jun. 17, 2020

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