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Summer flying

By Amir Izadi, PG Master‬

‪On Sunday July 5, a group of us went early to the Anarchist launch because the RASP looked amazing with 10k south wind and an estimated 12,000' cloudbase. However, the day was much more difficult than I thought. The highest I got was 8400 but most of the time I spent below 5000 feet as there were long, heavy sink lines which I couldn't escape seemingly. Finally, after my one big climb I had had enough and headed to land at the Oliver airport when I saw some small cus above the town. That's when I got into a beautiful, sweet, light, but big 2ms climb which took me back up to 7k and drifted me North. I had my choice of landing at OK Falls or next to my house near the Ripley LZ in Willowbrook and chose the latter. I could've probably made Penticton just on glide alone.‬

Published: Jul. 15, 2020

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